Volume 06 Issue 2

The SRB Interview: William McIlvanney

May 13, 2010

You can’t have a vasectomy and expect to father a new political generation. I found Gordon Brown inviting Margaret Thatcher to Downing Street a stunning gesture. If he hadn’t invited her, it wasn’t as though anyone would have objected or even noticed. It was a gesture of surrender, it was a white...

Volume 6 – Issue 2 – Editorial

May 12, 2010

WRITING IN THE immediate aftermath of a general election, the result of which we know but the ramifications of which are still uncertain, is weird. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. In this inchoate political situation, while one party barters with another, with much of the media blaming...

SRB Diary: Election Diary – A View from the Edge

May 12, 2010
by Brian Morton

Bigotgate: The moment Gordon Brown’s campaign imploded The much-vaunted british election debate turns out to be more like a Masterchef eliminator. Three hopefuls explain what’s on their menu and why they want to change their lives, then some fat bloke criticises their seasoning. Where’s the beef?...

A Pint and a Nip

May 12, 2010
by Karl Miller

Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde – The Two Roberts as they were known – could be treated as one organism, in life as in art. When Roger Bristow was preparing The Last Bohemians, his book about the painters Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde, he talked to their great friend the poet George...

Bloomin’ Ireland

May 13, 2010
by Anne Simpson

A nation which had historically hated absentee landlords had become that very thing, the newly rich surging to scoop up luxury apartment in Croatia, Bulgaria and Prague. Wedged between the chic cafes at the top of West-land Row, the narrowest shop doorway in Dublin opened beneath a sign announcing...

Tartan Pimps

May 13, 2010
by Ian Bell

A Unionist might wander at the impertinence of the notion. Who are the individuals who claim their authority from an imagined commonwealth? Tartan Pimps? The sense of the title, of transactions implied and inferred, is a little puzzling. Politically, this gaudy tartan is shorthand, obviously enough,...

Queequeg 5

May 13, 2010

Volume 6 – Issue 2 – Poetry

May 14, 2010

BY HUMBERTO AK’ABAL Translated by James Robertson Humberto Ak’abal is the foremost poet writing in K’iche’, a Mayan language spoken in the central highlands of Guatemala by approximately one million people. Born in 1952 in Momostenango, he left school at twelve to work with his father, weaving...

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

May 14, 2010
by Alistair Moffat

Charles Rennie Mackintosh could have designed anything but he wasn’t given the chance. He could have been our Corbusier. Instead, examples of his genius are frustratingly rare. To his contemporaries Charles Rennie Mackintosh was an enigmatic figure and he remains a puzzling, brilliant and tragic...

Volume 6 – Issue 2 – Gallimaufry

May 13, 2010
by Theresa Munoz

THE BREAKFAST ROOM Stewart Conn BLOODAXE BOOKS £8.95. PP64 ISBN 978-1852248567 Inspired by Pierre Bonnard’s painting, Stewart Conn’s The Breakfast Room meditates on domestic topics: holidays, family and romantic love. Though he opens with the lyrical ‘Invitation’, his second poem ‘The Duck...