Volume 05 Issue 2

The SRB Interview: Janice Galloway

September 2, 2009

  Volume 5 Issue 2 Janice Galloway – The SRB Interview JANICE GALLOWAY was born in Saltcoats in 1955. She studied Music and English at Glasgow University, going on to work as an English teacher throughout the Eighties before quitting education to concentrate on writing. Her first novel, The...

Volume 5 – Issue 2 – Editorial

September 2, 2009

“THERE really is no such thing as Art. There are only artists.” So wrote E.H. Gombrich in his magisterial study The Story of Art . He was surely right. Art – the product of creative imagination – cannot exist without the involvement of an artist. Of course, what is art is open to interpretation...

Sexing Up Maggie

September 2, 2009
by Harry Reid

Sexing Up Maggie – Harry Reid ONE OF THE many silly myths about Margaret Thatcher enthusiastically propagated by her detractors is that she was losing electoral popularity by the mid-1980s, particularly after the miners’ strike. The fact is that in 1987 she won her third general election...

Generation Kill

September 2, 2009
by Roger Hutchinson

Generation Kill – Roger Hutchinson IN FEBRUARY THIS YEAR the adult population of Harris took an auspicious decision. By a majority of more than two to one, they voted in favour of the whole of their island becoming a National Park. It was a significant ballot not because its result registered...

Letter From Japan – On Being Basho

September 4, 2009
by Stephen Phelan

Letter From Japan – On Being Basho By Stephen Phelan I am living a long way from Tokyo, at the opposite side of Japan’s main island, Honshu, in a small rural town called Daishoji. It is five minutes’ drive to the cliffs by the sea, about an hour to the white mountains in the distance,...

Virgin Soil Upturned

September 4, 2009
by Christopher Harvie

Virgin Soil Upturned – Christopher Harvie ONE SMALL VIGNETTE, of personal interest. In the fifth chapter of Intending Scotland, Cairns Craig turns his analytical beam on the mechanics of communication: the voters hanging on the issue “When would Gordon Brown make contact with Alex Salmond?”...

Our Discontented Winter

September 4, 2009
by John MacLeod

Our Discontented Winter – John MacLeod MOST OF US – and certainly everyone born since, or who were then too young to remember – have a certain idea of the Seventies in Britain. It was a long dark twilight of strife, shortages and a collapsing economy. It was drab. It was bigoted....

Setting The Time Aside “The sea is not salt enough”

September 4, 2009
by Alexander Hutchinson

Setting The Time Aside “the sea is not salt enough” – Alexander Hutchison 1 Gently, gently gets things going, as you well know, and here’s the nub: the dust is up afresh, and won’t come down till this is done. Sydney, it’s midnight or shortly after, and I’m trying to get you framed in...

A President and a Pope

September 4, 2009
by Owen Dudley Edwards

A President and a Pope – Owen Dudley Edwards Once in power, President Barack Obama has been very courteous about and to his predecessor, George W. Bush. That is President Obama’s regal way. It comes naturally to him, blending the authority of an African chieftain, the relaxation of...

Why Interview Writers?

September 4, 2009
by Ali Smith

Why Interview Writers? – Ali Smith AFTER MORE than twenty years of in-depth interviewing of Scottish writers for the Sound Archive she first began to create in the mid- 1980s, and after editing and publishing exactly twenty, in all, of these good lengthy interviews, Isobel Murray has...


September 4, 2009

Volume 5 Issue 2 Letters   SIR: Ronald Frame’s review of Sex, Lies and Shakespeare by Christopher Rush, full as it is of thinly-veiled disbelief, sarcasm and innuendo does him little credit. Was he ever a teenager himself? And where did he go to school? He is so totally out of touch...

Volume 5 – Issue 2 – Gallimaufry

September 4, 2009
by Theresa Munoz

Gallimaufry – Lesley McDowell and Theresa Munoz Angel With Two Faces Nicola Upson FABER, £14.99 pp432 ISBN 0571237959 This is the second detective novel in a series featuring real-life 1930s crime writer, the Inverness-born Josephine Tey. Upson is revisiting what is usually called the ‘Golden Age...