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Ullapool Book Festival 2018 – this weekend

May 7, 2018 | by SRB

Ullapool Book Festival on the shores of Lochbroom–

Everybody who has ever been agrees it is wonderful – but what makes it so? Well, yes, it’s a perfect setting, it’s brilliantly organised, attracts the writers we want to hear and meet, there’s music and food, whisky and walks and talk, and dancin’… But really, I think it’s because it is essentially a readers’ festival.

– Chris Dolan, honorary president of Ullapool Book Festival.

Ullapool Book Festival takes place from 11-13 May. Guests this year include…

Douglas Dunn; Peter Geoghegan; Mandy Haggith; Jane Harris; David Hayman; Scott Hutchison; William Letford; Ann-Marie MacDonald; Bernard MacLaverty; Muriel Mharie Macleod; James Miller; Denise Mina; Michael Pedersen; Peter Ross; Angus Roxburgh; Ian Stephen; Teresa Solana; John D Urquhart; Olga Wojtas; Cask Strength Ceilidh Band; Stornoway Writers Circle; and the Catch 23 Wednesday Writers.

Tickets are now available. Get there by road, rail, bus, or ferry and enjoy a spectacular weekend.

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