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Muriel Spark is Everywhere! – Scottish Review of Books
Muriel Spark
by SRB

Muriel Spark is Everywhere!

December 21, 2018 | by SRB

Muriel Spark is back in the New Yorker – what a fitting (almost) end to the Spark centenary celebrations this year. You can catch this thoughtful article by Kirsty Gunn online on the New Yorker website.

She is everywhere. It’s the nature of centenaries, of course, that a writer may get a second chance, making friends with readers whom she didn’t attract the first time around…. she created novels that are laugh-out-loud funny, while turning the mind to the gravest, deepest concerns of human life: Why are we here? What is our purpose? What do we know?

In the past month, copies of all of Muriel Sparks novels plus Appointment in Arezzo by our own Alan Taylor have been donated to every library across Scotland and every secondary school in Edinburgh. The kindness of others has allowed this to happen. The Postcode Lottery and the Scottish Government supported the books into libraries project and Edinburgh’s Lord Provost’s Office funded copies of her novels into schools – including her own, James Gillespies. Book Trust Scotland helped to make this happen.

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