by Anna Marshall

From the Library- Central Library

October 10, 2017 | by Anna Marshall

In celebration of Libraries Week 2017 SRB chats with Fiona Myles and the staff of Edinburgh’s Central Library about what makes their library tick.

Tell us a little bit about Central Library.

Edinburgh Central Library opened in 1890. It’s on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh, directly opposite the National Library of Scotland! The library is divided into subject areas – Edinburgh and Scottish Collection, Art and Design Collection, Music Collection and we have a Reference Library and a general Lending Library. We are also particularly proud of our lovely new Childrens’ Library.

What makes your library stand out?

We have a fabulous collection of material about Edinburgh, including many images and maps, which is second to none. Our Reference Library is a beautiful space too.

Who works there?

We have about 40 staff who work with the public, but we also have staff from our Resources Team and our Digital team based here. And of course the building just wouldn’t run if it wasn’t for our marvellous facilities staff.

What one food/drink could your librarians not survive without?

Tea, coffee and chocolate

What other library do you secretly admire?

Manchester Central Library, because it’s a similar age and it has been really sympathetically modernised.

What is the most enjoyable event you’ve had in the library?

Our 125th birthday party was great fun, and any event where Bookbug comes along!

Strangest request?

Can we have our wedding here?

Most rewarding moment?

Opening of our Children’s Library

Favourite customer/reader?

George, because he’s just never out of here and is unfailingly enthusiastic about local history.

Biggest librarian bug bear?

Don’t write notes in the books!! Or draw your route on one of our maps.

In one sentence persuade someone who has never been in your library why they should go:

It’s a beautiful building with amazing staff and fantastic collections!

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