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Emerging Critics is Back! – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Emerging Critics is Back!

February 12, 2018 | by SRB

‘I would recommend this programme… it is incredibly supportive and interesting with a varied curriculum, interesting recommended reading, and full of great networking opportunities’ – Participating Mentee, 2016/17

Following the success of the first Emerging Critics programme, we are back!

This is a FREE opportunity for you if you see yourself as an Emerging Critic wanting to develop your skills by woking closely with some of the finest arts critics in print and online today.

‘Good critics, passionate critics, are motivated by a desire to be the best audience member that they can be. A critic needs to be informed, enthusiastic, curious and open-minded. This is all I ask of other critics; it’s all I ask of myself. I don’t want to be a judge, or the judge, but I do believe in the democratic function – indeed, the necessity – of making judgements. I believe in the art of speaking back to art; of analysing it, arguing with it, celebrating it, sifting and sorting through its constituent elements. I cannot imagine how I would make sense of the world without art, but nor can I comprehend how I would make sense of art without criticism.’

Anwen Crawford, The Monthly

We are delighted to have received funding from Creative Scotland to deliver a second Emerging Critics programme starting in the late Spring of 2018 and running for 10 months.

In the pilot programme, we worked with emerging literary critics. This time around we are widening this out to include the wider arts – books, performance, visual, music.

Applications should be sent in by 9 March 2018 – CLOSING DATE NOW 14 MARCH DUE TO SNOW KEEPING US ALL FROM OUR DESKS.  You can find more information here.


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