After the Rain : New and selected poems 1991 - 2016

George Gunn
Zeticula Ltd, £12.95
by SRB

Books of the Year 2018 – A Literary Advent Calendar

December 20, 2018 | by SRB


We’ve asked Scotland’s leading writers, booksellers, festival directors and critics to pick one, or two, books — published this year or in the past — that they most enjoyed reading in 2018. There will be new selections every day throughout December — so keep reading for great ideas about what to read next and visit your nearest high street bookshop to purchase your Christmas gifts! Today’s selection is from Laura Morgan.

In George Gunn’s After the Rain: New and Selected Poems, time is fluid; while Flotta’s gas flare burns on his horizon, fishermen have ‘gone the way of light / into the white stone-ship of remembering’. He subtitles one poem ‘an historiosophic ode’ – perhaps a fitting epithet for his entire body of work (1991-2016), which shows nature and place being shaped by the historical, social and political: ‘my great-grandmother shook her head / because some bee had annoyed her / & two straths full of people / & a fleet of transport boats / fell out of her harvest-stacked hair’.

Laura Morgan is a Scottish Book Trust New Writer; her short fiction is published in the UK, Ireland, and in translation in Vietnam. Find other reviews at

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