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Virgin Soil Upturned

September 4, 2009
by Christopher Harvie

Virgin Soil Upturned – Christopher Harvie ONE SMALL VIGNETTE, of personal interest. In the fifth chapter of Intending Scotland, Cairns Craig turns his analytical beam on the mechanics of communication: the voters hanging on the issue “When would Gordon Brown make contact with Alex Salmond?”...

Our Discontented Winter

September 4, 2009
by John MacLeod

Our Discontented Winter – John MacLeod MOST OF US – and certainly everyone born since, or who were then too young to remember – have a certain idea of the Seventies in Britain. It was a long dark twilight of strife, shortages and a collapsing economy. It was drab. It was bigoted....

Generation Kill

September 2, 2009
by Roger Hutchinson

Generation Kill – Roger Hutchinson IN FEBRUARY THIS YEAR the adult population of Harris took an auspicious decision. By a majority of more than two to one, they voted in favour of the whole of their island becoming a National Park. It was a significant ballot not because its result registered...

Sexing Up Maggie

September 2, 2009
by Harry Reid

Sexing Up Maggie – Harry Reid ONE OF THE many silly myths about Margaret Thatcher enthusiastically propagated by her detractors is that she was losing electoral popularity by the mid-1980s, particularly after the miners’ strike. The fact is that in 1987 she won her third general election...