Edinburgh International Book Festival Podcast Special

August 10, 2017

Editor Alan Taylor talks with Kristian Kerr about the August 2017 issue of the Scottish Review of Books, published on the eve of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. They talk Douglas Dunn’s new poetry collection, James Kelman as a short-story writer, Louise Welsh, Jessie Kesson and more.

Challenging Biases as Readers – Episode #5

April 12, 2017

Kristian Kerr talks with Emerging Critics mentor Dave Coates about expanding review coverage to include a variety of voices, challenging our conscious and unconscious biases as readers and writers, connections between academic and journalistic literary criticism, and the knotty issue of money. Listem...

Keeping the reader’s attention – Episode #4

March 23, 2017

In this episode David Robinson tells Kristian Kerr about his first meeting with his four mentees, who have been writing reviews of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood. Discussion topics include writing for the public, keeping a reader’s attention, reading each other’s work and being confident without...

Reviewing for Print and Online Platforms – Episode #3

March 14, 2017

Kristian Kerr talks with Emerging Critics mentor and Creative Scotland Literature Officer Kaite Welsh. Kaite offers perspectives on reviewing for print and online platforms and the complementary relationship between the two. Other areas of conversation include pitching to editors and the editorial process;...

Reviewing for Newspapers – Episode #2

March 7, 2017

This conversation with Literary Editor Rosemary Goring offers perspective on the current practice of reviewing. Rosemary and Kristian discuss criticism as surgical and precise as well as being more broadly diagnostic of the health of a culture. The conversation ranges across the health of the profession...

Emerging Critics an Introduction – Episode #1

January 29, 2017

Editor Alan Taylor and Kristian Kerr discuss the Emerging Critics Programme, a partnership between the SRB and Creative Scotland, established to mentor new voices in cultural criticism. Topics include the state of criticism in Scotland today, the centrality of newspapers to cultural commentary, how...

The SPL Podcast: Jennifer Williams speaks to Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár

November 18, 2016
by The Scottish Poetry Library

In this podcast Jennifer Williams speaks to our New Voices from Europe Literary Europe Live SPL Poets in Residence Juana Adcock and Árpád Kollár about writing poetry while listening to Hungarian punk music, the definition of Spanglish, how to write multi-lingual poems and much more.

The SPL Podcast: Jennifer Williams talks to poet Isobel Dixon

November 1, 2016
by The Scottish Poetry Library

In this podcast Jennifer Williams talks to the poet Isobel Dixon about the universal and the particular, collaboration and making space in a busy schedule to write, how to bring in the personal in poetry and much more.

The SPL Podcast: TS Eliot Prize-winner Sarah Howe

September 24, 2016
by The Scottish Poetry Library

In this podcast, T.S. Eliot Prize-winning poet Sarah Howe talks to Jennifer Williams about kicking off the 2016 Edinburgh International Book Festival, writing with multiple languages and alphabets, sense and non-sense in poetry and much more. Sarah Howe is a British poet, academic and editor. Her first...

The SPL Podcast: Don Paterson and Krystelle Bamford

September 8, 2016
by The Scottish Poetry Library

Two poets, one podcast. Krystelle Bamford and Don Paterson are reading together at the Scottish Poetry Library at an event we’re holding on Wednesday 23 November, 6pm. Tickets are £7 (£5). Bamford was born in the US but has been living in Edinburgh for over five years now. She completed an MLitt...