About Scottish Review of Books

Scottish Review of Books is a quarterly print magazine (see note below) distributed in the Saturday edition of The Herald newspaper and an online magazine. Copies are distributed to libraries, bookshops, literary festivals and organisations throughout Scotland. Individual copies are available online and at events, and copies are sold to our cherished supporters on subscription throughout the UK and beyond. Creative Scotland have part funded the magazine over the course of its history but this year, our application for funding was turned down. As a result our print editions are on hold until we find a  new source of funding but our online editions are alive and well and we hope you will find much to enjoy here on our website.

Scottish Review of Books was first published in October 2004. Set up jointly by Alan Taylor and Derek Rodger it was originally run through Argyll Publishing. In 2009 it became a limited company with a board of directors, Scottish Review of Books Limited. The publication aims to provide a regular, recognised, quality platform, in print and online, for the review of books and other elements of Scottish culture.

In years of uncertainty, where platforms for literary criticism and general arts coverage are changing, Scottish Review of Books holds firm to the best of the past while pushing and challenging traditional boundaries to establish a secure and exciting future for critical writing in Scotland.

Scottish Review of Books is committed to increasing access to, appreciation of, and investment in Scottish literature. We employ the services of the country’s leading critics, encourage the transfer of skills, and champion the intelligent long-essay platform. We have recently embraced the opportunity to run Emerging Critics, a series of talks and mentoring opportunities designed with the future very much in mind.


Scottish Review of Books welcomes submissions from critics. If you have a review that you would like to submit please email a brief synopsis and a very brief biography to the editor, Alan Taylor for consideration via our Contact Us page.


For fourteen and a half years The Scottish Review of Books has been funded through the support of our cherished subscribers, print and online advertising, the goodwill (and financial support) of its editors and board members, and grant assistance from Creative Scotland. Creative Scotland have turned down our application for funding for 2019 leaving us without support to cover part of the editorial, print, distribution and  online costs (please note that our Board members, management team and Editor all work on a voluntary basis and have done since the magazine was launched – our contributors however are paid for all articles in the print editions). We are currently looking for a new supporter(s) for the print edition but in the meantime, the website will offer new articles, news, and articles from our archive.

You can support the publication by becoming a subscriber.