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Michael Pederson Wins Rising Star Award – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Michael Pederson Wins Rising Star Award

February 13, 2014 | by SRB

The Scottish Poetry Library announced that poet Michael Pedersen has been selected to receive a Rising Star Award from the John Mather Charitable Trust.  

Pedersen, whose book ‘Play With Me’ was published by Birlinn in July 2013, is a poet, playwright and performer who has been involved in collaborations with an impressive list of artists, film-makers and musicians. Having travelled the world and taught in Cambodia for a year, Pedersen writes verse that gives a vivid idea of what it is to be young, socially aware and irrepressibly optimistic in the melting pot of the twenty-first century.

The award of £1000 is intended to help support the poet as he enters the next phase of his career, following the publication of his first book.  

The Scottish Poetry Library supports poets in a variety of ways and believes that opportunities such as the John Mather Trust Rising Star Award are vital in order to help ensure that poetry continues to be written and read.  

Robyn Marsack, Director of the Scottish Poetry Library, says:

Everyone knows how difficult it is for poets to make a living from their writing, and an award such as this recognises the difficulty and buys time, an essential element for continuing to write. And of course it’s a recognition of early achievement, which is always welcome. We’re delighted for Michael Pedersen, and are very happy that the John Mather Trust chose to support poetry in this way.

Michael Pedersen, Poet and Awardee, says:


The arrival of this award is akin to a bright burning beacon lighting the way for the year ahead. It docks into my harbour on the very month I’ve decided to make the transition to full time freelance writer and literary events organiser. Awards of this nature are a piggyback for tired legs, or the foot-up and over that ten foot wall you were feart to climb; that’s to say, it makes this possible. Here’s to the space to ruminate this creates and the projects that fizz up and out of it.

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