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Volume 9 – Issue 3 – Classifieds – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Volume 9 – Issue 3 – Classifieds

September 14, 2013 | by SRB

ART & Architecture

The Artist and Nationality

Meaghan Delahunt

SALTIRE SOCIETY £5.00 PB 9780854111114

The Artist and Nationality sees Saltire Award winner Meaghan Delahunt reflect on her own sense of nationality and what that may mean for the artist. It’s a powerful and moving account that embraces the personal and political. It doesn’t shy away from the key issues.

Waiting for the Magic

Oscar Marzaroli, with essays

by Anne Marazoli, Jim Grassie,

Robert Crawford and Peter Ross

BIRLINN £25.00 HB 9781780271484

This book celebrates Marzaroli’s extraordinary talent with a number of specially-commissioned essays and a selection of previously unpublished photographs, as well as many of the iconic, much loved work for which he is renowned. It features the images from an upcoming touring exhibition of Marzaroli’s work scheduled for 2014.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Alistair Moffat, Susan Mansfield, foreword by Alexander McCall Smith

BIRLINN £30.00 HB 9781780271606

The brainchild of bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith, historian Alistair Moffat and artist Andrew Crummy, the Great Tapestry of Scotland is an outstanding celebration of thousands of years of Scottish history and achievement, from the end of the last Ice Age to the modern day stitched into a giant tapestry by over 1,000 stitchers across Scotland.


The Making of John Lennon

Francis Kenny

LUATH PRESS £20.00 HB 9781908373908

To many people, the history of The Beatles is a fairy story. The Making of John Lennon reveals new insights into how his personality was shaped by his childhood in Liverpool. A lifelong Liverpudlian, Francis Kenny has a unique perspective on the culture and background that ultimately made John Lennon the icon he is today. Due for publication October 2013.

The Best-Hated Man

George Malcolm Thomson,

Intellectuals and the Condition

of Scotland between the Wars

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £15.99 HB 9781908931320

Superbly researched and carefully written biography on the ideas of George Malcolm Thomson and their context. A core text for readers of Scottish cultural and political life.

Stirring the Dust

Mary McCabe

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781908931030

A superb mix of historical research, memoir and narrative, convincing in its detail of the lives of the author’s and our own forebears.


Five Poems about Gh…Gh…Ghosts

Various poets, including Charles Causley and Walter de la Mare


Five poems to make children’s hair stand on end (and tickle their funny bones). Perfect for Hallowe’en and beyond. For children of all ages. Colour illustrations throughout. The first children’s title in a new range forthcoming from Candlestick Press. Due for publication September 2013.

Sgeulachd nan Coineanach Caomha

The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

Beatrix Potter; Gaelic translation by Catriona Murray

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £5.99 HB 9781907676253

The book is number 10 of the Original Peter Rabbit Books translated into Scottish Gaelic. In this tale Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny have grown up and Benjamin is married to Peter’s sister Flopsy. But danger still exists in Mr. McGregor’s garden and it threatens Benjamin’s children, the six little Flopsy Bunnies.

Nan’s Rabbit

Mary Bromilow, illustrated by

Alexa Rutherford

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931245

An adventure story for 5-8 years olds.

The Tattoo Fox

Alasdair Hutton

LUATH PRESS £5.99 PB 9781908373939

A little fox makes her home by Edinburgh Castle and with the help of her new friend, the Castle Cat, she settles in well. But there is one question the Castle Cat refuses to answer. What is the Tattoo? This heart-warming tale was inspired by a real-life encounter between the Producer of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and a fox, late one night on the Castle Esplanade.


Trains & Lovers

The Heart’s Story

Alexander McCall Smith

POLYGON £7.99 PB 9781846972638

A bestseller since it was released last year, Trains & Lovers is a stand-alone novel by Alexander McCall Smith charting the intertwining tales of love of four strangers who meet on a train. As always with McCall Smith’s work, the stories are simply told, but with beautiful language and a real heart-warming feel to them. This beautiful special edition paperback will be the perfect stocking filler for loved ones.

Ballad of the Five Marys

Donald Smith

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373892

This contemporary prose ballad weaves history and emotion into an engaging and truthful multi-layered narrative of Mary Queen of Scots’ legend. Exploring the distinctive characters of the five Marys and their complex relationships, this is a refreshing and vivid account that will surprise even those who consider themselves well versed in Mary’s story. Due for publication October 2013.

The Heart of Midlothian

Newly adapted for the modern reader

Sir Walter Scott; adapted by

David Purdie

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373809

Wrongly convicted of murder, Effie Deans has been sentenced to death. Jeanie, her older sister, sets about walking to London to beg for her pardon from the queen. A gripping tale of religious piety and filial devotion, this new edition of The Heart of Midlothian has been expertly reworked for modern readers by David Purdie. Due for publication September 2013.

Black Middens

New Writing Scotland 31

Carl MacDougall and Zoë Strachan (eds)

ASLS £9.95 PB 9781906841140

This latest collection of excellent contemporary writing, from more than ninety contributors, features new work by – among many others – John Burnside, Stewart Conn, Jen Hadfield, Alison Irvine, Pippa Little, Kevin MacNeil, Raymond Soltysek and Eleanor Yule.

Robert McLellan

Playing Scotland’s Story

Edited by Colin Donati

LUATH PRESS £25.00 PB 9781906817534

This collection brings together – for the first time – all of McLellan’s principle plays including previously unpublished works and his poems for radio and television. His works are an exploration of the history of Scottish identity and the journey it has made, fearlessly confronting the unattractive aspects of Scottish culture with refreshing honesty and humour.

The Guga Stone

Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda

Donald S. Murray

LUATH PRESS £12.99 HB 9781908373748

Acrobats, airmen, cormorants, cragsmen and angels leap, climb, shimmer and swoop through the pages of The Guga Stone. With subtle humour, Donald S. Murray mixes mythology, fiction and history to recreate St Kilda’s tales and legends for our time.

Testament of a Witch

Douglas Watt

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373212

Set in the 17th century against the backdrop of political and religious conflict, the second of Watt’s John MacKenzie series is as historically rich and gripping as the last. MacKenzie investigates the murder of a woman accused of witchcraft and he must act quickly when the same accusations are made against the woman’s daughter. Superstition clashes with reason as Scotland moves towards the Enlightenment. Due for publication September 2013.

Animal Lover

Raymond Friel

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373724

Danny is in trouble. A wannabe animal rights activist and modern day hero, none of this was supposed to happen. After his first attempt at animal liberation ends badly, things spiral out of control. The woman he loves is becoming more extreme by the day and his ratio of animals killed versus animals saved is changing rapidly. And not in the direction he wants. It’s treble or nothing time. And next week the Circus is coming to town. Due for publication September 2013.

Blood City

Douglas Skelton

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373717

Meet Davie McCall. Irrevocably damaged by the brutal regime of an abusive father, and troubled by memories of his mother’s murder, there is darkness inside Davie McCall. As Glasgow’s criminal underworld begins to splinter, battle lines are drawn, and friend and enemy become one as criminals and police alike are caught in a net of lies, murder and revenge that will change the city forever. Due for publication September 2013.

The Girl on the Ferryboat

Angus Peter Campbell

LUATH PRESS £12.99 HB 9781908373779

It was a long hot summer… A chance encounter on a ferry leads to a lifetime of regret for misplaced opportunities. Beautifully written and vividly evoked, The Girl on the Ferryboat is a mirage of recollections looking back to the haze of one final prelapsarian summer on the Isle of Mull. Due for publication September 2013.


Ann Kelley

LUATH PRESS £9.99 HB 9781908373762

Sid’s running from a terror he doesn’t understand, to a town he doesn’t know the name of, to find people he doesn’t remember. That’s if they’re still alive. Nothing is certain. All he knows is that he has to keep on the move, heading west, away from the Territorial Army, away from the people who took his parents away. If he and his little sister are to survive, they must keep running. Ann Kelley’s thriller is set in a time not so very far removed from our own, a time in which nobody trusts anybody – even two children on the run. Due for publication September 2013.


An Occupy Romance

THIRSTY BOOKS £6.99 PB 9781908931214

‘Resistance is possible even for those who are not heroes by nature.’ Consumerism, passivity, apathy and distraction are challenged as Alan is introduced to the story of Bradley Manning.

A Lone Star Weeps

An Inspector Gloria Mystery

Joseph Glackin

Thirsty Books £8.99 PB 9781908931382

The first novel in this insightful and compassionate series. The Inspector Gloria thrillers are rooted in the dark side of human struggle for a better life.


Arbroath Smokie Bible

Ian R. Spink; Illustrations by Bob Dewar

BIRLINN £4.99 PB 9781780271361

The book of recipes devoted to one of Scotland’s most famous foods. Iain Spink’s Arbroath Smokies have won numerous awards, including the 2007 Waitrose Small Producer Awards, and are the 2012 Great Taste Awards 3* Gold Winner. Arbroath Smokies are now officially recognized and protected with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

Scottish Salmon Bible

Claire Macdonald; Illustrations by

Bob Dewar

BIRLINN £4.99 PB 781780271811

Acclaimed cooking guru Claire Macdonald, author of seventeen best-selling books, presents a cookbook containing forty mouth-watering recipes which demonstrate the enormous versatility of the fish. Salmon can be eaten any time, and makes excellent starters, main courses, breakfasts and snacks, and there are suggestions for all of these in this book.

The Good Scots Diet

Maisie Steven

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £7.99 PB 9781908931344

New edition of Maisie Steven’s classic on Scottish diet.


Dementia Positive

A Handbook Based on Lived Experiences

John Killick

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373571

John Killick, in this thought-provoking and heart-warming book, challenges the negative assumptions many of us have regarding dementia. Writing from two decades of experience of working with people with dementia, he shows us ways in which we can help, and make lives better for all concerned.

Carnegie’s Call

Developing the Success Habit

Michael Malone

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £7.99 PB 9781908931047

Recognising the achievements of emigré and man of achievement Andrew Carnegie, Michael Malone interviews Scots who have distinguished themselves and seeks to understand attitudes to success. He uncovers some fascinating insights into how we can develop the success habit.

The Magic of Words

James A. Simpson

STEVE SAVAGE PUBLISHERS £6.95 PB 9781904246411

Former Moderator James A. Simpson has produced another great collection of stories and anecdotes that amuse, illuminate and lift the spirits. He has long been fascinated by language and the power of words. Dr Simpson has a real gift for picking stories that add something to life.


Glory and Honour

Andrea Thomas

BIRLINN £25.00 HB 978 1 84158 872 8

The Renaissance was the pre-eminent cultural and intellectual movement of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century mainland Europe. However, the relatively remote kingdom of Scotland received its own remarkable renaissance too, detailed in this book. Illustrated throughout with over 100 full colour images, Glory and Honour follows the Stewart monarchy and the Scottish aristocracy.

Calton Hill

Journeys and Evocations

Stuart McHardy and Donald Smith

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373854

Following on from the success of Arthur’s Seat, the Journeys and Evocations series continues with a look at the history and folklore surrounding Calton Hill. From this small hill in the heart of the capital city, a fascinating spread of Scotland’s landscape can be seen, reminding us that even in the heart of a modern Edinburgh we are in the midst of the deep traditions and vibrant history of this ancient country. Due for publication October 2013.

Traditional Tales

Allan Cunningham; Tim Killick (ed)

ASLS £12.50 HB 9781906841089

A selection of folk stories steeped in the traditions of southern Scotland and northern England. Mixing the natural and supernatural, they blur the distinction between the oral traditions of the distant past and emerging ideas of literature and modernity. Originally published in 1822, these fascinating tales form an essential part of folkloric history.

Glasgow Mosaic

Cultural Icons of the City

Ian R Mitchell

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373663

This book presents a broad view of Glasgow’s industrial, social and intellectual history. From public art to socialist memorials, and from factories to cultural hubs, Ian Mitchell takes the reader on a guided tour of Glasgow, outlining walking routes which encompass the city’s forgotten icons. Due for publication September 2013.

Scotland the Brief

Clan Scotland series

A Short History of a Nation (New Edition)

Christopher Harvie

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931191

A new edition of this brief outline for the beginner. Illustrated.


Rethinking George MacDonald

Contexts and Contemporaries

Christopher MacLachlan, John Patrick Pazdziora & Ginger Stelle (eds)

ASLS £12.50 PB


The novels of George MacDonald (1824–1905) inspired later fantasy writers such as C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. The essays in this anthology look at MacDonald’s engagement with the works of his contemporaries and at his interest in the social, political, and theological movements of his age.

Conan Doyle

Writing, Profession, and Practice

Douglas Kerr

OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS £30.00 HB 9780199674947

This first general and comprehensive critical study of the work of Arthur Conan Doyle provides a unique cultural biography of a fascinating individual. It is a full account of all of his writing, and an investigation of the role of the author as he practised it, as witness, critic, and interpreter of his times.

Treasure Neverland

Real and Imaginary Pirates

Neil Rennie

OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS £25.00 HB 9780199679331

Describes the facts of real eighteenth-century pirate lives and investigates how these facts were made into realistic and fantastic fictions, from historical novels to Hollywood films. Based on extensive research of fascinating primary material, Treasure Neverland is a study of a Scots-American literary tradition and a comprehensive account of the pirate’s various generic shapes.

Another Country

John Herdman

THIRSTY BOOKS £7.99 PB 9781908931351

Literary history of the 1960s to the 1980s by one of the central characters.

1814 Year of Waverley

Clan Scotland Series

Christopher Harvie

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931238

The life and times of Walter Scott and the impact of the Waverley novels. Illustrated.


Engine of Destruction

The 51st (Highland) Division in the Great War

Colin Campbell

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £25.00 HB 9781908931276

Detailed and touching account of the WWI experience of the 51st Division is an amazing book in tribute to the Scottish soldier.



Calum Colvin and Rab Wilson

LUATH PRESS £12.99 HB 9781908373915

In a unique combination of art and poetry, Wilson’s witty and insightful verses are a direct response to Colvin’s intriguing artworks. At times witty, controversial and tender, the images and poems equally reflect on the life and aspects of Burns to dwell on who we are, and where we have been, toward what we may become. Due for publication September 2013.

Tam O’Shanter

Robert Burns; Illustrated by Alexander Goudie; Introduction by Edward J. Cowan

BIRLINN £25.00 HB 9781780270364

This reprint of Burns’ classic poem, Tam O’Shanter, will be published in January 2014. With illustrations by Alexander Goudie and an introduction by Edward J. Cowan, this is a stunning book that will enchant readers young and old. Goudie’s gothic artwork brings Burns’ tale of witches and dark nights to life as never before.

Scottish Cats

An Anthology of Scottish Cat Poems

Edited by Hamish Whyte

BIRLINN £9.99 HB 9781780271392

This gorgeously presented book will be an excellent gift for any cat lover, or any lover of poetry for that matter! Hamish Whyte has gathered together a fantastic selection of poems by Scottish writers including J.K. Annand, George Bruce, Valerie Gillies, Kathleen Jamie, Maurice Lindsay, George Macbeth, Brian McCabe, Norman MacCaig, Edwin Morgan, Tom Pow, Iain Crichton Smith, Allan Ramsay and more making Scottish Cats a must have for every home.

The Twelve Poems of Christmas

Volume Five

Carol Ann Duffy (ed)


Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy selects twelve Christmas poems for 2013. This is the glittering half-way point in the series of ten, one mini-anthology of Christmas poems for each year that she is Laureate, a ten-year office. Includes poems by Carol Ann Duffy, Elizabeth Bishop, Vernon Scannell and Paul Henry.


Marcas Mac an Tuairneir

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £9.99 PB 9781907676390

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir, an up and coming young poet, released his first collection of Poems in Scottish Gaelic. This book is fully bilingual Gaelic–English. Martin MacIntyre says: “(His) poems take us to many places, both physical and emotional, and they do so in carefully crafted apposite language. Fear, darkness and regret are there but also joy and hope and pursuit of a richer world.”

Made in Edinburgh

Tessa Ransford

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373847

Award-winning poet Tessa Ransford shares her reflections on and evocations of Edinburgh’s Holyrood Park, inspired by over thirty years as its near neighbour. The collection is structured around the four seasons, keenly observed by Ransford, and rendered even more vivid by fantastic images from Mike Knowles, which are interspersed throughout the text. Due for publication October 2013.

A Song of Glasgow Town

The Collected Poems of Marion Bernstein

Marion Bernstein; Edward H. Cohen, Anne R. Fertig & Linda Fleming (eds)

ASLS £12.50 HB 9781906841133

The Glasgow poet Marion Bernstein (1846–1906) populated her poems with an array of ordinary citizens, from postmen and riveters to fishermen and street musicians. A Song of Glasgow Town contains all her published poetry, and provides a fascinating insight into Glasgow at a time of unprecedented social and economic change.

An Cuilithionn 1939

The Cuillin 1939 and Unpublished Poems

Sorley MacLean; Christopher Whyte (ed)

ASLS £12.50 PB 9781906841034

This major new edition of MacLean’s epic work includes 400 lines never before published, along with MacLean’s own English translation, and an extended commentary. Forty-five other previously unpublished poems by MacLean also appear here for the first time, with facing English translations.

Ten Bedtime Poems

Volume One


Novelist William Boyd chooses his ten favourite (adult) bedtime poems. The first in a series in which literary figures are invited to choose ten bedtime poems. Actor Tamsin Greig writes, “…instead of your usual nightcap, William Boyd offers you the chance to take a different poet to bed with you each night! Let their words becomes your dreams”. Includes poems by W H Auden, Craig Raine, Philip Larkin, Mebdh McGuckian.


View from Zollernblick

Regional Perspectives in Europe: A Festschrift for Christopher Harvie

Edited by Eberhard (‘Paddy’) Bort

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £14.99 PB 9781907676376

Christopher Harvie is a most remarkable man, combining a detailed knowledge of Scottish railway timetables, a civic nationalist and greenish republican (own words) whose ‘social beliefs owe much to Marxism as modified by Gramsci, the sociology of Patrick Geddes and a continually nagging if eclectic Christian socialism’. This book is a collection of celebratory essays (which) reflect Chris’s own very diverse interests (review by P. Salveson).

The Case for Left Wing Nationalism

Stephen Maxwell

LUATH PRESS £9.99 RPB 9781908373878

Spanning four politically and socially tumultuous decades, Stephen Maxwell’s writings explore the origins and development of the modern Scottish Nationalist movement. As an instrumental member of the SNP and a lifelong socialist, Maxwell’s work provides an engaging contemporary insight into the debate over Scottish independence, setting out clear ideological and practical arguments for a socially just Scotland. Due for publication September 2013.


What Scotland Needs to Flourish

Lesley Riddoch

LUATH PRESS £11.99 PB 9781908373694

Dispensing with the tired, yo-yoing jousts over fiscal commissions, Devo Something and EU in-or-out, Blossom pinpoints both the buds of growth and the blight that’s holding Scotland back. This is a plain-speaking but incisive call to restore equality and control to local communities and let Scotland flourish.

Annie’s Loo

The Govan Origins of Scotland’s Community Based Housing Associations

Raymond Young

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781908931207

How a project to put inside toilets in Glasgow tenements in the 1970s developed into the community based housing association movement. Photos.

Divided Scotland

Ethnic Friction and Christian Crisis

Tom Gallagher

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £15.99 HB 978190893183

Why has inter-communal strife involving the use (and many would say misuse) of religious and national symbols enjoyed such an extended life in Scotland? This book is the first full-length study of Scotland’s ethno-religious discord that has appeared in the devolution era.


What Next for a Healthy Scottish Society?

Postcards from Scotland series

Phil Hanlon & Sandra Carlisle

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931054

The authors look at health and beyond health to the main social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges of our times.

The Great Takeover

How Materialist Values Now Dominate Our Lives and What We Can Do About it

Postcards from Scotland series

Carol Craig

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931061

Where do these ideas come from and what can be done.

The New Road

Charting Scotland’s Inspirational Communities

Postcards from Scotland series

Alf Young & Ewan Young

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931078

A father and son take a journey to see some of the inspiring community action projects going on.

Scotland’s Local Food Revolution

Postcards from Scotland series

Mike Small

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931078

Horse burgers? There has to be a better way to produce and distribute food. Mike Small, Director of The Fife Diet project points one way forward.

The Scots Crisis of Confidence,

Carol Craig

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134709

A brand new edition of Carol Craig’s successful exposition of Scots’ attitudes to and predilection for negativity. She offers a refreshingly different analysis of the big themes of Scottish culture. Rewritten in parts and brought up to date.


The British

A Genetic Journey

Alistair Moffat

BIRLINN £17.99 HB 9781780270753

In The British: A Genetic Journey, acclaimed historian and author Alistair Moffat traces the story of the genetic roots of Britain with some surprising results. Just as he did with The Scots: A Genetic Journey, Moffat focuses on ordinary people and presents us with a completely new way of looking at our history – weaving a fascinating tale in the process.

World War I

Scottish Tales of Adventure

Allan Burnett

BIRLINN £4.99 PB 9781841589329

Allan Burnett’s And All That series has sold over 53,000 copies. World War I: Scottish Tales of Adventure is a gripping collection of true-life stories from the battlefields of WWI. It recounts the struggle for survival in trenches and brings to life the thrills and spills of the Royal Flying Corp.

If History was Scottish

Norman Ferguson

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373670

If History Was Scottish takes an alternative look at notable figures and events as seen through a unique Caledonian perspective. The attributes associated with being Scottish are applied to well-known quotes and events. Covering topics such as war, politics, cinema, religion and more, the text will be accompanied by light-hearted and witty illustrations by Bob Dewar. Due for publication October 2013.

Nell Hannah

Aye Singin an Spinnin Yarns

Margaret Bennett and Doris Rougvie.

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £7.50 PB 9781907676383

In conversation with folklorist Margaret Bennett and long-time friend and fellow-singer, Doris Rougvie, Nell Hannah shares a life-time of reminiscences and songs. In recalling the hey-day of an industry that shut down in the 1980s, she constructs an oral history of life in war-time Perthshire.

The Hidden Story of the Kilsyth Weavers

Tom Crainey

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 HB 9781908931306

Thoroughly researched and accessible local history which turns around events of national significance in Scotland’s radical past.


White Gold

England’s Journey to World Cup Glory

Peter Burns

ARENA SPORT £16.99 HB 9781909715080

England had always been the richest rugby country in the world in terms of money and talent pool, yet major titles eluded them. Then Clive Woodward became manager, and changed not only the fortunes of the national side, but the face of rugby forever. White Gold charts the transformation of the England rugby team from amateur to professional, including the change in tactics and introduction of sports psychology, culminating in their triumph at the 2003 World Cup.

Masters of Men

Ken Venturi, Rory McIlroy … and Their Epic Journey from Augusta to Bethesda

Liam Hayes

ARENA SPORT £16.99 HB 9781909715097

Masters of Men tells the stories of two of the most naturally gifted golfers of all time, set against the backdrop of the Masters Golf tournament. Venturi & McIlroy may be playing in different eras, but the parallels in their careers are uncanny and this book is sure to interest any fan of golf, or of the drama of sport.

Scottish Rugby

Game by Game

Kenneth R Bogle

LUATH PRESS £30.00 HB 9781908373885

Researched and complied by Bogle, Scottish Rugby: Game by Game contains an accurate account of every match played by Scotland since 1871 right the way up to June 2013. Accompanied by a match analysis as well as introductory sections, readers can follow the sport’s rich history from its humble roots as a primitive ball game played in the streets to a sport watched and adored by many millions of fans across the world. Due for publication October 2013.

Follow We Will

The Fall and Rise of Rangers

W Stewart Franklin, John DC Gow, Chris Graham & Alasdair McKillop (eds)

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373687

An analysis of the issues from the perspective of those who care most, this is the story of how one the world’s most successful football clubs found itself in the Third Division, and of the loyalty that has already started to propel it back to the top.


Nature’s Peace

Peter Wright

LUATH PRESS £25.00 HB 9781908373830

Nature’s Peace takes the reader on an original and spectacular visual journey along the spine of Scotland, presenting a full colour portrait of the breathtaking landscape of the Watershed. Due for publication October 2013.


Our Hillman Imp

Paul Coulter

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781908931313

Fifty years since the Imp was first produced at Linwood. A fully illustrated celebration of the Imp’s enduring character.

Waverley Route

The Life, Death and Rebirth of the Borders Railway

David Spaven


9781906134990/ 9781908931009

The story that says much about Britain’s railways in the late 1960s, and about the opportunities created by devolution of power in the last years of the twentieth century to right one of the great wrongs of the old model of London-based transport policy. A social history of the Borders as much as a transport book. Illustrated with numerous period and current photos never before published.


Call of the Mountains

Max Landsberg

LUATH PRESS £20.00 HB 9781908373700

Both a travel guide and a personal journal, Call of the Mountains is the story of one man’s passion for Scotland’s mountains. As he recalls his physical, emotional and spiritual journey amongst the Munros, Max Landsberg opens up the lost realm of the Gaels, now haunted by their spirits and the stag. Due for publication September 2013.


Should Have Gone to Specsavers, Ref!

Allan Morrison

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373731

Enjoy a laugh at the antics and wicked humour of Scottish referee Big Erchie, a powerhouse at five foot five, and a top grade referee who strikes fear into the hearts of managers and players alike as he stringently applies the laws of the game. But Big Erchie is burdened with a terrible secret… He’s a Stirling Albion supporter. Due for publication October 2013.

More Holy Wit

James A. Simpson

STEVE SAVAGE PUBLISHERS £5.95 PB 9781904246404

A revised edition of the 1990 sequel to his bestseller Holy Wit. ‘Nothing gives a readier clue to a person’s character than samples of what he regards as witty and worth a laugh,’ writes Dr Simpson. The royalties from this book will go to Cystic Fibrosis charities.


Plank on Frame Models

Volume 1

Harold A. Underhill



Contents: Plans and Preliminaries; Building the Frame; Planking the Hull; Planking the Deck and Bulwarks; Deck Erections, Fittings and Finish; A few Alternatives in Frame Making; List of Plans. 170 pages, 28 illustrations from Photographs, 95 Sketches, 7 Plates of Plans.

Plank on Frame Models

Volume 2

Harold A. Underhill



Scale mast and spar making, and complete rigging, is covered in great detail.

Contents: Masting the Brigantine; Standing Rigging; Running Rigging; Clinker-built Models; Sawn-frame Construction. 160 pages, 28 illustrations, 89 sketches and 5 plates.

Masting and Rigging

Harold A. Underhill



Containing 50 full-page working drawings and 200 detail sketches, fully covers the whole subject of spar construction and rig of nineteenth and twentieth century sailing ships. The book, which runs into 300 pages, forms the most complete guide to square rig yet published.

Deep-Water Sail

Harold A. Underhill



A book for all students of sail and lovers of the windjammer. Contents: Development and Design; Small Fore-and-Afters; Topsail Schooners and Small Barquentines; Brigs, Brigantines and Snows; Barquentines and Small Barques; Ships; The Big Full-Rigger; Big Barques and Barquentines; Big Schooners and Wood Barquentines; Oddities, Deck Fittings and Details.

Sailing Ship Rigs and Rigging

Harold A. Underhill



For the identification of types the actual sail plans of many famous ships are reproduced with a brief description of each rig. There are 32 illustrations. A complete range of sail and rigging plans from the five-mast full-rigged ship Preussen to a Humber keel.

Sail Training and Cadet Ships

Harold A. Underhill



There is much of interest in the story of sail training, and this book covers the histories of the many vessels, both past and present, which have been, or still are, employed in this service, from the little Swedish training brig Magnus Stenboch, first used in 1838, to the British three-masted schooner Prince Louis II.

How to Make Clipper Ship Models

E. W. Hobbs



There are detailed instructions for the building of a characteristic and world-famous clipper, the Cutty Sark. Two chapters are then devoted to methods of building hulls in general for any type of Clipper Ship model. Separate chapters are devoted to Masts and Spars, Sails, Standing and Running Rigging, Deck Fittings and so forth, and the work concludes with chapters on Painting and Finishing, making Showcases and Stands.

How to Make Old Time Ship Models

E. W. Hobbs



The vogue for medieval ship models prompted Mr Hobbs to write this book so that all those who may have an interest in these decorative vessels may indulge in the hobby. As in the book on Clipper Models, the work of cardboard modelling is first explained, and then the craft is taught by easy stages until the finest models are described.

Ship Models in Glass

Peter Hille and Barry Young



Everything is arranged alphabetically under topic headings, and the whole work is cross-referenced to make it easy for you to find your way around. With over 300 line drawings and illustrations the book has been written in an easy informal style in simple everyday language.

Fully Illustrated Plan’s Catalogues

Harold A. Underhill


Powered Craft List (P) = Descriptions for 120 plans. Sailing Ship List (S) = Descriptions for 230 plans.

The drawings described in these lists have been produced to meet the needs of those wishing to build authentic scale models, and every care has been taken to ensure accurate detail.


Scottish International Storytelling Festival: Once Upon a Journey

18 – 26 October 2013

Scottish Storytelling Centre

The world’s leading storytelling festival celebrates the myths and legends carried through wanderlust, exploring the legacy of David Livingstone, John Rae, Mary Slessor, Martin Martin, John Muir, St Columba and more. Journey with nomads, pilgrims and voyagers in 10 days of spoken word magic and enjoy sessions weaving song, music and story together, as in fireside tradition.


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