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Volume 9 – Issue 2 – Classifieds – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Volume 9 – Issue 2 – Classifieds

June 28, 2013 | by SRB

Publisher Advertisers

Classified contains a listing of new titles submitted for inclusion by publishers in Scotland. Advertisers in this section are:

Argyll Publishing

01369 820 229


Association for Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS)

0141 330 5309


Barrington Stoke

0131 225 4113


Birlinn Ltd.

0131 668 4371


Capercaillie Books

0845 463 6759


Candlestick Press

07500 180 871


Dedalus Books

01487 832382


Gibson Square Books


The In Pinn

See Neil Wilson Publishing

John Donald

See Birlinn

Luath Press

0131 225 4326


Neil Wilson Publishing

0141 954 8007



See Birlinn

The Saltire Society

0131 556 1836



0141 339 5030


The Scottish Text Society


Steve Savage Publishers

020 7770 6083


Thirsty Books

See Argyll Publishing

ART & Architecture

Gifted: The Tale of 10 Mysterious Book Sculptures Gifted to the City of Words and Ideas

Introduction by Artist

POLYGON £9.99 PB 9781846972768

One day in March 2011 staff at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh noticed a wonderful paper sculpture left on a table. Carved from paper and mounted on a book, it bore a tag expressing support for the Library’s work. Nine more sculptures appeared over the next 6 months, all carefully left in places with real significance. This beautiful book tells their story and immortalises an inspiring story.

Frissure: Prose Poems & Artworks

Kathleen Jamie and Brigid Collins

POLYGON £15.00 LIMITED EDITION HB 9781846972751

Frissure is an exquisite collection of prose-poems and illustrative work exploring healing, mortality, intimacy, memory and the natural world. It is a unique collaboration between two of Scotland’s leading artists, one a celebrated poet and author, the other a highly respected artist and illustrator.

The Great Tapestry of Scotland

Alistair Moffat, Susan Mansfield, foreword by Alexander McCall Smith



The brainchild of bestselling author Alexander McCall Smith, historian Alistair Moffat and artist Andrew Crummy, the Great Tapestry of Scotland is an outstanding celebration of thousands of years of Scottish history and achievement, from the end of the last Ice Age to the modern day stitched into a giant tapestry by over 1,000 stitchers across Scotland.

The People’s Sculptor: The Life and Art of William Lamb ARSA (1893 – 1951)

John Stansfeld

BIRLINN £14.99 PB 9781780271620

Tracing the life and work the life of Scottish sculptor William Lamb (1893–1951) this is a story of indomitable will and irrepressible creativity. Lamb overcame huge adversity to produce an enormous amount of work, most of which he left as a legacy to the people of Scotland – he truly was their sculptor.

These Faces: Photographs and drawings by Timothy Neat (1947-2013): Scotland, England, France, Spain

POLYGON £20.00 PB 9781846972775

These Faces is a book of encounters. The background to these encounters is Tim Neat’s lifetime’s work as a filmmaker, writer, researcher and storyteller in which he has followed the lives of individuals and communities normally qualified as marginal. In this collection of over 150 monochrome photographs Neat has gathered his subjects including tinkers, bards; workers in Yorkshire, and villagers in Andalucia.

Architecture: A Spotter’s Guide

Sarah Cunliffe and Jean Loussier

SARABAND £14.95 PB 9781908643094

Confused about the difference between Baroque and Rococo? Curious about the latest architectural trends (organic houses, critical regionalism, conceptual architecture and more) or maybe the ancient origins of Asian pagodas? This compact illustrated guide takes you on a globetrotting tour of our rich and varied architectural heritage.

Your Country Needs YOU

James Taylor

SARABAND £16.99 HB 9781887354974

The iconic image of Lord Kitchener with pointing finger is a design classic. In the run-up to the WWI centenary, Taylor celebrates the magnificent propaganda posters of the time. Drawing on fresh analysis of the archives, this richly illustrated book reveals a surprising new history of these enduring images.


Lust For Life: The Trainspotting Phenomenon

John Neil Munro

POLYGON £12.99 PB 9781846972423

In the mid-1980s Irvine Welsh’s life was going nowhere fast. His teenage dreams of being a footballer or a rock star were over, and he was stuck in a series of white-collar jobs which he loathed. With the last throw of the dice, he started to write. This is the inside story of how he penned the most talked-about book in a generation, and became a global cult figure.


Rose T. Clark

SARABAND £9.99 PB 9781908643179

A remarkable, honest and moving memoir of love alongside cancer, with its hope and despair, denial and eventual acceptance – and of bereavement and recovery. Both shocking and inspiring, this extraordinary account reveals the myriad ways that cancer affects lives.

Of Dogs and Men

John Barrington

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781906817909

Part autobiography and part history, Of Dogs and Men is a celebration of the long relationship between man and dog. Former shepherd Barrington mixes his own personal recollections with a history of the evolution of dogs from wild animal to man’s best friend.

The Best-Hated Man

George Malcolm Thomson, Intellectuals and the Condition of Scotland between the Wars

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £15.99 HB 9781908931320

Superbly researched and carefully written biography on the ideas of George Malcolm Thomson and their context. A core text for readers of Scottish cultural and political life.

Stirring the Dust

Mary McCabe

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781908931030

A superb mix of historical research, memoir and narrative, convincing in its detail of the lives of the author’s and our own forebears.

Red Sky at Night

John Barrington

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373373

A new edition of the UK number one bestseller. John Barrington was a shepherd to over 750 Blackface Ewes in the Scottish Highlands. In this evocative book, he mixes descriptions of his daily life tending his flock with a story of the glen.


Nan’s Rabbit

Mary Bromilow with illustrations by Alexa Rutherford

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931245

An adventure story for 5-8 years olds.


Testament of a Witch

Douglas Watt

LUATH PRESSS £7,99 PB 9781908373212

Set in the 17th century against the backdrop of political and religious conflict, the second of Watt’s John MacKenzie series is as historically rich and gripping as the last. MacKenzie investigates the murder of a woman accused of witchcraft and he must act quickly when the same accusations are made against the woman’s daughter. Superstition clashes with reason as Scotland moves towards the Enlightenment.

#freetopiary: An Occupy Romance

THIRSTY BOOKS £6.99 PB 9781908931214

‘Resistance is possible even for those who are not heroes by nature.’ Consumerism, passivity, apathy and distraction are challenged as Alan is introduced to the story of Bradley Manning.

Friend & Foe: A Hew Cullen Mystery

Shirley McKay

POLYGON £12.99 PB 9781846972171

The death of a young soldier leads Hew Cullen to both an astonishing discovery and his blackest hour, his fortunes inextricable from those of James VI himself. Set in 1583 St Andrews, real historical figures are interwoven in this fantastical tale of treachery, deceit and shadowy religious practice.

Glen Lyon

Kenneth Steven

BIRLINN £6.99 PB 9781780271774

Kenneth Steven tells the tale of Somerled Stewart – a timeless figure who arrives in Glen Lyon and builds his own house. He is a conflicted soul, struggling to deal with dark events in his past, but will his marriage to Anna help him to overcome these problems? Steven’s appreciation of the bond between nature and man, as well as his lyrical ability, are demonstrated fully in this wonderful book.

The Secret Knowledge

Andrew Crumey

DEDALUS BOOKS £9.99 PB 9781909232563

A lost musical masterpiece is at the heart of this gripping intellectual mystery by award-winning writer Andrew Crumey. In 1913 composer Pierre Klauer envisages marriage to his sweetheart and fame for his new work, The Secret Knowledge. Then tragedy strikes. A century later, concert pianist David Conroy hopes the rediscovered score might revive his own flagging career.

Nor Will He Sleep: An Inspector McLevy Mystery

David Ashton

POLYGON £8.99 PB 9781846972515

1887. The streets of Edinburgh seethe with youthful anarchy as two rival gangs of students, Scarlet Runners and White Devils, try to outdo each other in wild exploits. After a pitched battle between them, an old woman is found savagely battered to death in Leith Harbour. Enter Inspector James McLevy, a little more grizzled, but unchanging in his fierce desire to mete out justice. A third installment in the best-selling Inspector McLevy series.

A Capital Union

Victoria Hendry

SARABAND £8.99 PB 9781908643346

Edinburgh, 1942. Newlywed Ayrshire lass Agnes Thorne is gamely trying to be a good wife and fine Edinburgh lady, but aloof city folk and her husband’s preoccupation with the politics of Scottish independence are testing her spirit. When fate brings the war even closer to home, Agnes has to fight for her future.

Unfashioned Creatures

Lesley McDowell

SARABAND £8.99 PB 9781908643391

Mary Shelley’s real-life friend Isabella Baxter Booth is seeing ghosts. She meets a young doctor who is at the vanguard of the emerging science of psychiatry. Isabella intrigues him, and he becomes more involved than he knows he should… A Gothic tale of madness, sexual obsession and murderous impulses.

Rehab Blues

Adrian Laing

GIBSON SQUARE FICTION £7.99 PB 9781908096586

We have all seen celebrities behaving badly… wait until you see them getting better! The Place is a sanctuary for A-listers where all their hilarious antics are exposed. You’ll meet Huck, the cross dressing cage fighter; Tracey, the shoplifting soap-star; and Toni, the incontinent rock-star. ‘Merciless’ says the Daily Telegraph. Move over One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

A State of Fear

Robert Solent

GIBSON SQUARE FICTION £9.99 PB 9781908096364

Julie, a young doctor, is running late. She is about to pick up her daughter from school when she hears the deafening roar of an explosion. Sirens shriek. A police van tells everyone to take cover from radiation. Is she contaminated – and will the radiation spread to the school? As she helps the victims, a second strike looms. Will what Julie learnt that day help MI5 prevent another attack?

The Guga Stone: Lies, Legends and Lunacies from St Kilda

Donald Murray

LUATH PRESS £12.99 HB 9781908373748

Meet Calum. In 1930, the last remaining St Kildans evacuated their isolated outpost in the Scottish Hebrides. Calum returned, alone and troubled, the sole guardian of the islanders’ abandoned homes. Haunted by the memories that linger there, Calum begins to re-live the experiences of residents long past. The Guga Stone will be published July 2013.

Animal Lover

Raymond Friel

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373724

Danny is in trouble. A wannabe animal rights activist and modern day hero, none of this was supposed to happen. After his first attempt at animal liberation ends badly, things spiral out of control. The woman he loves is becoming more extreme by the day and his ratio of animals killed versus animals saved is changing rapidly. And not in the direction he wants. It’s treble or nothing time. And next week the Circus is coming to town. Due for publication September 2013.

Blood City

Douglas Skelton

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373717

Meet Davie McCall. Irrevocably damaged by the brutal regime of an abusive father, and troubled by memories of his mother’s murder, there is darkness inside Davie McCall. As Glasgow’s criminal underworld begins to splinter, battle lines are drawn, and friend and enemy become one as criminals and police alike are caught in a net of lies, murder and revenge that will change the city forever. Due for publication September 2013.

The Girl on the Ferryboat

Angus Peter Campbell

LUATH PRESS £12.99 HB9781908373779

It was a long hot summer…A chance encounter on a ferry leads to a lifetime of regret for misplaced opportunities.Beautifully written and vividly evoked, The Girl on the Ferryboat is a mirage of recollections looking back to the haze of one final prelapsarian summer on the Isle of Mull. Due for publication September 2013.


Ann Kelley

LUATH PRESS £9.99 HB 9781908373762

Sid’s running from a terror he doesn’t understand, to a town he doesn’t know the name off, to find people he doesn’t remember. That’s if they’re still alive. Nothing is certain. All he knows is that he has to keep on the move, heading west, away from the Territorial Army, away from the people who took his parents away. If he and his little sister are to survive, they must keep running.Ann Kelley’s thriller is set in a time not so very far removed from our own, a time in which nobody trusts anybody – even two children on the run. Due for publication September 2013.


The Good Scots Diet

Maisie Steven

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £7.99 PB 9781908931344

New edition of Maisie Steven’s classic on Scottish diet.


Dementia Positive

John Killick

LUATH PRESS £10.99 PB 9781908373571

This book is not about the past, which has gone, or the future, which is uncertain. But it is for those who want to improve the lives of people with dementia and themselves in the Here and Now. The book is not written by an expert but by a man seeking to find new approaches concerning dementia who wishes to share his discoveries. Due for publication August 2013.

Carnegie’s Call: Developing the Success Habit

Michael Malone

 ARGYLL PUBLISHING £7.99 PB 9781908931047

Recognising the achievements of emigré and man of achievement Andrew Carnegie, Michael Malone interviews Scots who have distinguished themselves and seeks to understand attitudes to success. He uncovers some fascinating insights into how we can develop the success habit.


Traditional Tales

Allan Cunningham; Tim Killick (ed)

ASLS £12.50 HB 9781906841089

A selection of folk stories steeped in the traditions of southern Scotland and northern England. Mixing the natural and supernatural, they blur the distinction between the oral traditions of the distant past and emerging ideas of literature and modernity. Originally published in 1822, these fascinating tales form an essential part of folkloric history.

The Union: England, Scotland and the Treaty of 1707 (New Edition)

Michael Fry

BIRLINN £9.99 PB 9781780271552

In this fresh and challenging look at the origins of the United Kingdom, Michael Fry focuses on the years which led up to the Union of 1707, setting the political history of Scotland and England against the backdrop of war in Europe and the emergence of imperialism.

An Introduction to Scottish Ethnology: A Compendium of Scottish Ethnology Volume 1

Alexander Fenton & Margaret A. Mackay (eds)

JOHN DONALD £60 HB/£25 PB 9781906566067/9781906566708

The publication of An Introduction to Scottish Ethnology sees the completion of the fourteen-volume Scottish Life and Society series, originally conceived by the eminent ethnologist Professor Alexander Fenton. Theory and practice are presented in an accessible fashion, making it an ideal companion for the student, the scholar and the interested amateur alike.

The Northern Earldoms:

Orkney and Caithness from AD 870 – 1470

Barbara E. Crawford

JOHN DONALD £25.00 HB 9781904607915

The medieval earldoms of Orkney and Caithness were positioned between two worlds, the Norwegian and the Scottish. This is a story of the time when the Northern Isles of Scotland were part of a different national entity, when links across the North Sea were as important as links with the kingdom of Scotland to the south.

A New Race of Men: Scotland 1815 – 1914

Michael Fry

BIRLINN £25.00 HB 9781780271422

In his new book, Michael Fry turns to a remarkable century of Scottish history, but rather than concentrate on how the nation assimilated to the UK, he looks at how it – and its citizens – differed. Throughout, for this exemplary era of Scottish individualism, he relies not on theories and statistics but on the experience of individual Scots men and women to bring out the essential achievement of Scotland’s greatest century to date.

Voices of Scottish Journalists: Recollections by 22 Veteran Scottish Journalists of their Life and Work

Ian MacDougall

JOHN DONALD £25.00 PB 9781906566630

The men and women who wrote for newspapers in the twentieth century started work in a ‘Hold the front page!’ atmosphere: hot metal, clicking typewriters and inky fingers. In this fascinating collection, Ian MacDougall has captured the memories of 22 veteran journalists from a wide range of newspapers and created a fascinating ‘swathe of Scottish social history’.

The Heart of Glasgow:

Jack House, foreword Jack McLean

NEIL WILSON PUBLISHING £14.99 PB 9781906000578

A seminal work on the city of Glasgow that has previously been released in hardback by NWP and now available in paperback. Illustrated with colour and black and white plates.

Scots in Canada

Jenni Calder

LUATH PRESS £8.99 PB 9781908373038

In Canada there are nearly as many descendants of Scots as there are people living in Scotland. This book follows the Scottish pioneers west from Nova Scotia to the prairie frontier and on to the Pacific coast. It examines the reasons why so many Scots left their land and families. The legacy of centuries of trade and communication still binds the two countries, and Scottish Canadians keep alive the traditions that crossed the Atlantic with their ancestors.

Scots in the USA

Jenni Calder

LUATH £9.99 PB 9781908373380

All over Scotland and the United States there are clues to the Scottish-American relationship, the legacy of centuries of trade and communication as well as that of departure and heritage. Scots in the USA discusses why Scots left their homeland, where they went once they reached the United States, and what they did when they got there.

Scotland: A Graphic History

Jeff Fallow

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373120

This is a concise history of Scotland in the form of a graphic novel. Both witty and informative, the book covers everything from the dinosaurs to David Cameron, with a plethora of battles, conspiracies, poets and politicians in between.

Glasgow Mosaic: Cultural Icons of the City

Ian R Mitchell

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373663

This book presents a broad view of Glasgow’s industrial, social and intellectual history. From public art to socialist memorials, and from factories to cultural hubs, Ian Mitchell takes the reader on a guided tour of Glasgow, outlining walking routes which encompass the city’s forgotten icons. Due for publication September 2013.

Scotland the Brief : Clan Scotland series

A Short History of a Nation (New Edition)

Christopher Harvie

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931191

A new edition of this brief outline for the beginner. Illustrated.


Rethinking George MacDonald: Contexts and Contemporaries

Christopher MacLachlan, John Patrick Pazdziora & Ginger Stelle (eds)

ASLS £12.50 PB 9781908980014

The novels of George MacDonald (1824–1905) inspired later fantasy writers such as C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. The essays in this anthology look at MacDonald’s engagement with the works of his contemporaries and at his interest in the social, political, and theological movements of his age.

Shakespeare : The Director’s Cut (New Edition)

Michael Bogdanov

CAPERCAILLIE BOOKS £9.99 PB 9781909305311

Essays on Shakespeare’s plays: includes essays from previous editions and four new essays on Othello, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, As You Like it and Twelfth Night.

Theatre : The Director’s Cue (Thoughts and Reminiscences)

Michael Bogdanov

CAPERCAILLIE BOOKS £9.99 PB 9781909305342

Description: The theatre from the Director’s perspective: this is a series of theatrical insights, autobiographical anecdotes and a response to critics.

Shorter Scottish Medieval Romances

Rhiannon Purdie (ed.)


distributed by Boydell and Brewer (wwww.boydell.co.uk) £40 HB 9781897976364A collection of Scottish romances published together for the first time, this edition presents them with full scholarly apparatus and a lightly modernised text. The introduction is richly informative, discussing transmission and reception, sources and analogues and the place of this material in Older Scots. It is an edition that serves the scholar and the interested general reader.

Another Country

John Herdman

THIRSTY BOOKS £7.99 PB 9781908931351

Literary history of the 1960s to the 1980s by one of the central characters.

1814 Year of Waverley:

Clan Scotland Series

Christopher Harvie

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931238

The life and times of Walter Scott and the impact of the Waverley novels. Illustrated.


Engine of Destruction – The 51st (Highland) Division the Great War

Colin Campbell

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £25 HB 9781908931276

Detailed and touching account of the WWI experience of the 51st Division is an amazing book in tribute to the Scottish soldier.


Ten Poems from Wales: Fourteen Centuries of Verse

Edited by Gillian Clarke


‘Ten Poems from Wales’ offers readers who are new to the poetry of Wales, and those who are already in love with it, a glimpse of a rich heritage. The ten poems, chosen by National Poet for Wales, Gillian Clarke, give the reader a taste of a beautiful, ancient and continuing literature.

An Cuilithionn 1939: The Cuillin 1939 and Unpublished Poems

Sorley MacLean, Christopher Whyte (ed)

ASLS £12.50 PB 9781906841034

This major new edition of MacLean’s epic work includes 400 lines never before published, along with MacLean’s own English translation, and an extended commentary. Forty-five other previously unpublished poems by MacLean also appear here for the first time, with facing English translations.


Meg Bateman

POLYGON £9.99 PB 9781846972591

Meg Bateman is one of the most popular and sought after contemporary Gaelic poets. In this collection, she vividly evokes the landscape of Scotland, particularly the brooding presences of the Scottish islands and Sutherland, and touches on personal love and loss.

Play With Me

Michael Pederson

POLYGON £9.99 PB 9781846972607

Pederson is making a name for himself as a spoken word artist to watch, and from this eclectic collection of his work it’s easy to understand why. On the menu is everything from iced oysters and chateaubriand to pickled onions and Buckfast-soaked bread sticks. Like the man himself, these poems will tingle toes and raise eyebrows in equal measures.

A Song of Glasgow Town: The Collected Poems of Marion Bernstein

Marion Bernstein; Edward H. Cohen, Anne R. Fertig & Linda Fleming (eds)

ASLS £12.50 HB 9781906841133

The Glasgow poet Marion Bernstein (1846–1906) populated her poems with an array of ordinary citizens, from postmen and riveters to fishermen and street musicians. A Song of Glasgow Town contains all her published poetry, and provides a fascinating insight into Glasgow at a time of unprecedented social and economic change.


Scottish Independence: Weighing Up the Economics

Gavin McCrone

BIRLINN £7.99 PB 9781780271590

In autumn 2014 those living in Scotland will face the most important political decision of a lifetime and the outcome will have profound effects not just for Scottish citizens, but for the United Kingdom as a whole. In this impartial and thought-provoking book, economist Gavin McCrone addresses the issues surrounding the referendum.

After Independence: The State of the Scottish Nation Debate

Gerry Hassan and James Mitchell JOHN DONALD £12.99 PB 9781780271842 Scotland faces a historic and fundamental debate and choice: whether to become an independent nation or not. After Independence draws together over two dozen leading thinkers, academics and commentators to offer the most comprehensive and detailed examination of the terrain and possibilities of Scottish independence and self-government both constitutionally and beyond.

Saltire Series No 1. A Plea for a Secular Scotland


Richard Holloway, one of our most inspiring authors, has written the first of the new Saltire Society’s Series of pamphlets. ‘A Plea For A Secular Scotland’ is a timely discussion on how the relationship between the state and organised religion touches on our individual freedoms. A limited edition featuring a commissioned cover design by Alasdair Gray.


Lesley Riddoch

LUATH PRESS £11.99 PB 9781908373694

What will it take for Scotland to blossom? Dispensing with the tired, yo-yoing jousts over fiscal commissions, Devo Something and EU in-or-out, Blossom pinpoints both the buds of growth and the blight that’s holding Scotland back. Drawing from its people, history, and the author’s own passionate and outspoken perspective this is a plain-speaking but incisive call to restore control to local communities and let Scotland flourish. Due for publication August 2013.

Annie’s Loo: The Govan Origins of Scotland’s Community Based Housing Associations

Raymond Young

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781908931207

How a project to put inside toilets in Glasgow tenements in the 1970s developed into the community based housing association movement. Photos.

Divided Scotland : Ethnic Friction and Christian Crisis

Tom Gallagher

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £15.99 HB 978190893183

Why has intercommunal strife involving the use (and many would say mis-use) of religious and national symbols enjoyed such an extended life in Scotland? This book is the first full-length study of Scotland’s ethno-religious discord that has appeared in the devolution era.

Afternow : What Next for a Healthy Scottish Society?

Postcards from Scotland series

Phil Hanlon & Sandra Carlisle

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931054

The authors look at health and beyond health to the main social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges of our times.

The Great Takeover: How Materialist Values Now Dominate Our Lives and What We Can Do About it

Postcards from Scotland series

Carol Craig

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931061

Where do these ideas come from and what can be done.

The New Road: Charting Scotland’s Inspirational Communities

Postcards from Scotland series

Alf Young & Ewan Young

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931078

A father and son take a journey to see some of the inspiring community action projects going on.

Scotland’s Local Food Revolution

Postcards from Scotland series

Mike Small

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931078

Horse burgers? There has to be a better way to produce and distribute food. Mike Small, Director of The Fife Diet project points one way forward.

The Scots Crisis of Confidence

Carol Craig

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134709

A brand new edition of Carol Craig’s successful exposition of Scots’ attitudes to and predilection for negativity. She offers a refreshingly different analysis of the big themes of Scottish culture. Rewritten in parts and brought up to date.

scottish interest

Largo’s Untold Stories

Leonard Low

STEVE SAVAGE PUBLISHERS £9.95 PB 9781904246398

Lively collection of historical stories connected to the Fife community of

Largo. From Picts and Romans in the distant past, through naval hero Sir

Andrew Wood, witch hunts, Alexander Selkirk and Daniel Defoe, to

shipwrecks off the Scottish coast and tragedy in search of the Northwest


The Hidden Story of the Kilsyth Weavers

Tom Crainey

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 HB 9781908931306

Thoroughly researched and accessible local history which turns around events of national significance in Scotland’s radical past.


Follow We Will: The Fall and Rise of Rangers

W Stewart Franklin, John DC Gow, Chris Graham & Alasdair McKillop (eds)

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373687

Published July 2013, this book describes and analyses, from a Rangers perspective, all the relevant issues and events from an unprecedented period in the history of Scottish football. This is the story of how the world’s most successful football club found itself in the Third Division and the loyalty that started to propel it back to the top.


The Traveller

Theresa Breslin

BARRINGTON STOKE £6.99 PB 9781781121986

As the old man by the fire tells the tale of a mysterious traveller, whose fury at the Lord Aleslan drove him into a wild night to seek vengeance, another unknown traveller arrives. Who is this young man? What does he want? An atmospheric teen tale with a story within a story.


Cat Clarke

BARRINGTON STOKE £6.99 PB 9781781122075

It’s the party of the year and Anna has big plans – her best friend Tilly has come out and Anna wants to set her up with the only other gay girl in school. But things start to spin out of control… A poignant teen story about growing up and coming out.


Our Hillman Imp

Paul Coulter

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781908931313

Fifty years since the Imp was first produced at Linwood. A fully illustrated celebration of the Imp’s enduring character.

Waverley Route: The Life, Death and Rebirth of the Borders Railway

David Spaven

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £14.99 PB/ £20.00 HB 9781906134990/ 9781908931009 The story that says much about Britain’s railways in the late 1960s, and about the opportunities created by devolution of power in the last years of the twentieth century to right one of the great wrongs of the old model of London-based transport policy. A social history of the Borders as much as a transport book. Illustrated with numerous period and current photos never before published.


When the Alps Cast Their Spell: Mountaineers of the Alpine Golden Age

Trevor Braham

THE IN PINN £16.99 PB 9781906000530

The first edition of this book won the 2004 Boardman Tasker award for Mountain Literature. This new paperback edition follows the same format as the original. llustrated with colour and black and white plates.

Charlie, Meg and Me

Gregor Ewing

LUATH £9.99 PB 9781908373618

For the first time, Bonnie Prince Charlie’s arduous escape of 1746 has been recreated in a single journey. Gregor Ewing, along with his faithful border collie Meg, retraces Charlie’s epic 530 mile walk through remote wilderness, hidden glens, modern day roads and uninhabited islands.

Of Big Hills and Wee Men

Peter KempLUATH £9.99 PB 9781908373304From the time he bagged his first Munro, Peter Kemp has remained an enthusiastic hillwalker and this book is a testament to his passion for Scotland’s outdoors and hillwalking culture. Accompanied by his life-long friends from Glasgow, he takes on the big hills of Scotland, finding both escape and companionship amongst the mountains of Scotland.

Scotland’s Mountains before the Mountaineers

Ian Mitchell

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373298

This work tells the story of explorations and ascents in the Scottish Highlands in the days before mountaineering became a popular sport – when Jacobites, bandits, poachers and illicit distillers traditionally used the mountains as sanctuary.

Call of the Mountains

Max Landsberg

LUATH PRESS £20.00 HB 9781908373700

Both a travel guide and a personal journal, Call of the Mountains is the story of one man’s passion for Scotland’s mountains. As he recalls his physical, emotional and spiritual journey amongst the Munros, Max Landsberg opens up the lost realm of the Gaels, now haunted by their spirits and the stag. Due for publication September 2013.


Michael Bogdanov the Shakespearean Director will be appearing at The Edinburgh International Book Festival on Saturday 17th August at 8.30 to discuss his two new books.

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