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Volume 8 – Issue 3 – Classifieds… – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Volume 8 – Issue 3 – Classifieds…

August 10, 2012 | by SRB


Classified contains a listing of new titles submitted for inclusion by publishers in Scotland.

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Riverside Museum

Deyan Sudjic with Jim Heverin and Paul Weston


£4.95 PB 9781857597509

Designed by the acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid, Riverside Museum opened in 2011. This book examines the construction of the unique building, created to house the City of Glasgow’s world-famous transport and technology collections. It looks at the rationale for the overall design and the concepts behind the exhibition display. Available from www.scalapublishers.com and from the shop at Riverside Museum.


Gifted: The Tale of 10 Mysterious Book Sculptures Gifted to the City of Word and Ideas


POLYGON £9.99 HB 9781846972485

Over the course of a few months in 2011 an anonymous artist left book sculptures across the City of Edinburgh, love letters ‘In support of libraries, books, words and ideas’. In beautiful photographs and the artist’s own words their story is told completely for the first time.


Return to One Man’s Island: Paintings and Sketches from the Isle of May

Keith Brockie

BIRLINN £25.00 HB 9781841589749

The book nature lovers have waited over twenty years for. In a beautifully illustrated sequel to the classic ‘One Man’s Island’, Keith Brockie revisits the flora and fauna of the Isle of May.



New Writing Scotland 30: A Little Touch of Cliff in the Evening

Carl MacDougall & Zoë Strachan (eds)

ASLS £9.95 PB 9781906841096

This latest collection of excellent contemporary writing, from more than eighty contributors, features new work by – among many others – Lin Anderson, Ron Butlin, Valerie Gillies, Alasdair Gray, Andrew Greig, Agnes Owens, and the Glasgow comic-book duo metaphrog.



Echoes – One climber’s

hard road to freedom

Nick Bullock


The debut book by leading British mountaineer Nick Bullock. A prison officer for 15 years, Bullock discovered the mountains and subsequently shaped his existence around walking away from his life inside. A powerful and compelling exploration of freedom – and what it means to live life on your own terms.


The Last Burrah Sahibs

Max Scratchmann

STEVE SAVAGE PUBLISHERS £8.50 PB 9781904246381

Running a jute mill meant that Max’s dad was a boss, a ‘burrah Sahib’. A warm and witty look at the unofficial last years of British Colonial Life (as seen through the eyes of a small boy from Dundee growing up in the dissolving remnants of the British Raj).


Lifting the Lid: A Life at Kinloch Lodge, Skye

Claire Macdonald

BIRLINN £20.00 HB 9781780270470

The first forty eventful years of Kinloch Lodge on Skye and its journey from family home to luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant. With recipes through the decades from proprietrix Claire Macdonald.


The Importance of Being Awkward: The Autobiography of Tam Dalyell

Tam Dalyell

BIRLINN £9.99 PB 9781780270890

As he approaches eighty, Tam Dalyell looks back on over forty years as one of the most colourful and outspoken, yet deeply principled politicians of the modern era.


Way of the Wanderers: The Story of Travellers in Scotland

Jess Smith

BIRLINN £9.99 PB 9781780270784

This personal pilgrimage through the traditions and culture of a people for whom freedom is more important than security reveals the discrimination against Scotland’s travellers. From the author of the Jessie’s Journey Trilogy.


David Steel: The Biography

David Torrance

BITEBACK PUBLISHING £20.00 9781849541404

Description: The first fully authorised biography of one of the most influential politicians of the second half of the twentieth century. David Steel became the leader of the Liberal Party in 1976. Later, Steel became the chief proponent of the merger that would see the formation of the Liberal Democrats.


Traveller in Two Worlds Vol. 2: The Tinker and the Student

David Campbell

LUATH PRESS £14.99 HB 9781908373328

This tells the tale of how the young American music student Linda Headlea’s unlikely marriage to the Traveller Duncan Williamson took him from the Traveller’s tent to international acclaim.


Cellmates: Our story of cancer, life, love and loss.

Claire Wilson

SARABAND £9.99 9781908643179

This revealing true story tells of Alan and Claire’s experience of cancer, the eventual death of one, the grief and recovery of the other. The graphic honesty and real-time pace power you along their rollercoaster of despair and hope, denial and acceptance. Ultimately uplifting, this book is an extraordinary account of the myriad ways that cancer affects lives.


Stirring the Dust

Mary McCabe

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781908931030

A superb mix of historical research, memoir and narrative, convincing in its detail of the lives of the author’s and our own forebears.

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When the Rains Come

Tom Pow

POLYGON £6.99 PB 9781846972065

In support of Malawi Under-privileged Mums charity, a traditional folk tale weaves through the story of three children being raised by their grandmother in Malawi. Full of dancing, love, colour and laughter.



Zoooo… Living Poetry for children

Hugh D. Loxdale


Zoooo… is the ninth poetry book by Hugh D. Loxdale, a book of 33 short poems about animals and plants, illustrated with wonderful line drawings by the well-known artist Rita Muehlbauer. Truly a colourful collection of verse, some humorous, many adventurous, others that will make you think. Just right for children aged five to ninety five.


Iris and Isaac

Catherine Rayner

LITTLE TIGER PRESS £5.99 9781848950924

Winner of the 2012 UK Literacy Association Book Award, Iris and Isaac is a warm and delightfully illustrated story about friendship. When two polar bears stomp away from each other in a huff, they soon realize that being together is more important than anything else…


The Very Noisy Night

Diana Hendry and Jane Chapman

LITTLE TIGER PRESS £5.99 9781854306098

Little Mouse is rather scared when he hears things going bump in the night; will he be brave enough to stay in his own bed? A sweet and reassuring story that has long been a bedtime favourite for children and their parents.


Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim, The

Kenneth Steven

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 9781906134723

Another adventure novel from this successful children’s author – aimed at 8-12 year olds.


A Granny Porage ABC

Jean Marshall

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 9781908931085

Now children who have enjoyed Jean Marshall’s Granny Porage stories can add fun and familiarity to learing to read.


More Granny Porage Stories

Jean Marshall

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 9781906134341

Three more cleverly illustrated stories for the under-eights.


Send for Granny Porage

Jean Marshall

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134556

The latest picture book in the Granny Porage series for the young.



Land Beyond the Wave

Paul Cuddihy.

CAPERCAILLIE BOOKS £8.99 9781906220686

Sequel to ‘The Hunted’, the adventure continues in 1920‘s New York where the main character although trying to lead a reformed life is drawn ineluctably into violent clashes with ethnic gangs and the assassins of Michael Collins, the Irish Republican leader, who have fled to America. This criminal underworld rubs shoulders with some shady political figures who subsequently rise to power. The endgame is chilling as much is at stake . . . Order a copy now at sales@ capercailliebooks.co.uk and get a copy of The Hunted free


The Time of Women

Elena Chzihova

GLAGOSLAV PUBLICATIONS LTD. £12.90 9789081823906 The Russian Booker Prize winning novel The Time of Women tells the story of three old women raising a small mute girl, Suzanna, in a communal apartment in the Soviet Union of the 1960s. Memories of hardship in first cataclysmic half of the century, as well as the loss of their own children, have receded in the background of everyday worries.



Zakhar Prilepin

GLAGOSLAV PUBLICATIONS LTD. £12.90 9789081823937

Novel-in-stories, Sin, has become a literary phenomenon in Russia.  It has been hailed as the epitome of the spirit of the opening decade of the 21st century, and was called “the book of the decade” by the prestigious Super Natsbest Award jury. Now available for the first time in English, it not only embodies the reality of post-perestroika Russia, but also shows that even in this reality it is possible to maintain a positive attitude while remaining human.


Hardly Ever Otherwise

Maria Matios

GLAGOSLAV PUBLICATIONS LTD. £13.40 9789491425127 The dramatic family saga, Hardly Ever Otherwise, narrates the story of several western Ukrainian families during the last decades of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and expands upon the idea that “it isn’t time that is important, but the human condition in time.” In Matios’s multi-tiered plot, the grand passions of ordinary people are illuminated under the caliginous light of an ethereal mysticism.


The Lost Button

Irene Rozdobudko

GLAGOSLAV PUBLICATIONS LTD. £13.40 9781909156043

The novel tells the story of young student scriptwriter’s encounter with a mysterious, femme fatale actress named Liza at a vacation resort in the Carpathian Mountains in Soviet Ukraine in the 1970s. Unable to let go of his love after getting lost with her in the woods for one beautiful night, the young man’s fascination with the actress turns into an obsession that changes his entire life.



Ales Adamovich

GLAGOSLAV PUBLICATIONS LTD. £13.40 9789491425158

Based on previously sealed war archives and rare witness records of the survivors, Khatyn is a heart wrenching story of the people who fought for their lives under the Nazi occupation during World War II. Through the prism of the retrospect perception as narrated by the novel’s main character Flyora author Ales Adamovich beholds genocide and horrific crimes against humanity.


Christened With Crosses

Eduard Kochergin

GLAGOSLAV PUBLICATIONS LTD. £15.00 9789081823999

The unforgettable story of a young boy’s dangerous, adventure-filled westbound journey along the railways of postwar Russia. Based on a true story of Kochergin’s amazing life, this book depicts the awakening of artistic talent under highly unusual Russian circumstances. It is the memoir of an old man who, as a boy, learnt to find his way between extortionate state control and marauding banditry.


Sunshine on Scotland Street

Alexander McCall Smith

POLYGON £16.99 HB 9781846972324

The latest adventures of Bertie, Bruce, Big Lou and all the other residents of Edinburgh’s most famous address, 44 Scotland Street. Book your summer holiday now! Sunshine guaranteed.


The Wigtown Ploughman: Part of His Life

John McNeillie

BIRLINN £8.99 PB 9781780270869

Sensationally published in 1938, this gritty novel follows Andy Walker – a poor labourer working for a series of corrupt and cruel land-owners – from farm to petty crime and back to the soil he should never have left.


Breeze from the River Manjeera

Hema Macherla

LINEN PRESS £10.00 9780955961816

Breeze from the River Manjeera is the powerful and inspirational story of Neela who arrives in England as a bride for the brutal Ajay. In a personal, moving way, the novel explores the issues surrounding the deep-rooted traditions of arranged marriages and how women like Neela struggle for independence and respect. Can she find happiness against the odds?


The Device, The Devil and Me

Stephanie Taylor

LINEN PRESS £10.00 9780955961847

A novel about two strong, original women – a mother with terminal cancer and a daughter who thinks she is possessed by the devil. Lauren Walker forces herself to wear the mask of a model citizen with strict, self-imposed rules but the pressure of living so many lies finds release in self-harm and bulimia. Just as she braces herself to tell her family and seek help, her mother discloses her own tragic secret. There is no self-pity in this sharp, blackly funny, laugh-out-loud novel.


The Missing

Juliet Bates

LINEN PRESS £10.00 9780955961823

In spring 1958, journalist Frances Daye is persuaded to follow the trail of yet another woman thought to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia. While searching for Ania through the streets of Paris, she is haunted by memories of her past and starts to relate her own poignant tale. The labyrinth of the beautiful city mirrors the twists and turns of the narrative as Frances wanders the streets searching for Ania and trying to make sense of her own memories.


Under an Emerald Sky

Olukemi Amala

LINEN PRESS £11.99 9780955961854

Two black babies are born five minutes apart in a UK hospital. Yewande is immersed in her rich Nigerian heritage and hears her ancestors’ voices – a double edged sword that heightens her spiritual awareness but alienates her sister and brings horrifying revelations about her family’s past. Mary is rejected at birth by her mother who has abandoned her African roots as she tries to blend into a small town in suburban Britain.


White Lies

Lynn Michell

LINEN PRESS £11.99 9780955961830

White Lies is about how we re-write history so that it doesn’t jar with the stories we tell ourselves. Eve is dutifully typing her ancient father’s memoirs of his time as a soldier in WW11 and in 1950s Kenya when the land-hungry Mau Mau rose up in bloody warfare against the colonials. With growing unease, she questions his account of what really happened. A completely different story of that time – of love and adultery – written by Eve’s mother, comes to light after her death.


Blue Eyes

Hema Macherla

LINEN PRESS £11.99 9780955961861

Set in Gandhi’s volatile India, the story opens with Anjali, aged eighteen, about to be burnt alive on her husband’s funeral pyre – the fate of many widows. After a dramatic escape, things go badly wrong and she embarks on an extraordinary, often terrifying, journey of discovery.  Saleem, Anjali’s childhood friend, is entwined in her destiny. As he searches for her, he is caught up in the violence surrounding India’s struggle for freedom.


James with a Silent C

Kerry McPhail

LINEN PRESS £11.99 9780955961878

Kerry McPhail’s tribute to her late husband Jim is a poignant, brave and funny portrayal of his remarkable life: growing up in poverty, becoming involved in drugs on the mean streets of Glasgow then remarkably turning his life around only to be tragically diagnosed with advanced Hepatitis C. It is a love story between two exceptional people. For those with Hepatitis C and their carers, this memoir will bring acknowledgment and recognition. All author royalties are being donated to the British Liver Trust.


The Henry Experiment

Sophie Radice

LINEN PRESS £11.99 9780955961892

When Anna finds a little barefoot boy in a yellow mac on Hampstead Heath, she offers to walk him home. Expecting gratitude from his parents, she is surprised to be met with hostility.  Maternal Anna and Henry’s academic father who believes that today’s children are bubble-wrapped and that boys must be trained for physical freedom and splendour lock horns as Henry’s scary trials begin.


The Making of Her

Susie Nott-Bower

LINEN PRESS £11.99 9780957005006

The Making of Her is the TV makeover programme that Clara never wanted to produce, featuring the one person she never would have chosen. Add to the mix an errant husband, a barefoot counsellor and a reclusive rock star with his Glaswegian side-kick, and change is inevitable. Will The Making of Her prove to be the making of them all?


Nothing is Heavy

LINEN PRESS 9780957005037

Nothing is Heavy follows three characters

– Beth a chip-shop worker, Amber an erotic dancer and broken-hearted George dressed in a monkey suit – over the course of one intense Saturday night. A sudden, dramatic death forces the three characters to choose between relative safety and risk. Unaware that their lives are already intimately connected by a previous tragedy, their fates collide again with completely unpredictable results.


Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe

Adapted by David Purdie

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 978-1-908373-26-7

Ivanhoe is one of Sir Walter Scott’s finest historical novels. David Purdie’s inspired reworking of its complex characters, romance and high drama is an engrossing page-turner. His armour polished, his sword and dialogue sharp, Ivanhoe re-emerges alive for the modern age.


The Roost

Neil Butler


Spectacular first fiction from young Shetland writer. ‘It’s wonderful.’ Lucy Ellmann

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Scotland the Brave Land: 10,000 Years of Scotland in Story

Stuart McHardy

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373496

With the release of Disney-Pixar’s Brave the world’s attention is being drawn to Scotland and its fascinating history. But Brave merely scrapes the surface of Scotland’s rich storytelling culture. With its captivating and often gruesome tales of heroic warriors in battle, bold heroines, deceitful aristocracy, and supernatural creatures this is a journey into the cultural heritage of a nation.


Arthur’s Seat: Journeys and Evocations Stuart McHardy and Donald Smith

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373465

Arthur’s Seat, rising high above the Edinburgh skyline, is the city’s most awe-inspiring landmark. Although thousands climb to the summit every year, the history of the mountain remains a mystery; shrouded in myth and legend. Inspired by the NVA’s Speed of Light, this is a salute to the ancient tradition of storytelling, guiding the reader around Edinburgh’s famous ‘Resting Giant’ with an exploration of the local folklore and customs.



Sgeulachd Eile Mu Pheadar Rabaid

Emma Thompson. Illustrated by Eleanor Taylor.

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £12.99 HB 9781907676123

Sgeulachd Eile Mu Pheadar Rabaid is the Scottish Gaelic translation of The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit, a new tale written by Emma Thompson. In The Further Tale, Peter’s adventures take him beyond the boundaries of Mr McGregor’s garden all the way to Scotland. Here he meets the gentle giant Finlay McBurney, a distant Scottish relative, and in the Scottish hills his new adventure begins. Out by September 2012.


Sgeulachd Cailleach nan Gràineag

Beatrix Potter

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £5.99 HB 9781907676079

Scottish Gaelic translation of The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. As a child Beatrix Potter had known an old country washerwoman called Kitty MacDonald, the inspiration for the twinkly-eyed washerwoman who does Peter Rabbit’s laundry.


A Tàillear à Gloucester

Beatrix Potter

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £5.99 HB 9781907676055

Gaelic Translation of The Tailor of Gloucester. The tale is based on the true story of a tailor who left the unsewn pieces of a coat in his shop and found that the garment had been mysteriously finished for him in the night by the secret helpers skilful little brown mice.


Sgeulachd An Dà Dhroch Luch

Beatrix Potter

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £5.99 HB 9781907676062

Scottish Gaelic Translation of The Tale of Two Bad Mice. Potter uses her own two pet mice, Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca, as models for the principal characters. The doll’s house belonged to a little girl who was her publisher’s niece.


Sgeulachd Thòmais Piseag

Beatrix Potter

GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £5.99 HB 9781907676086

Scottish Gaelic Translation of The Tale of Tom Kitten. Potter had owned her first Lake District farm, Hill Top in the village of Near Sawrey, when she began work on The Tale of Tom Kitten. She shows Tom and his sisters living in the farmhouse and getting into mischief amongst the flowers of the beautiful cottage.


Modern Scots Grammar: Wirkin wi Wirds

Christine Robinson

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373397

Dealing with grammar in a modern way, this book gives readers an understanding of how language works. It aims to give readers confidence in using the Scots language. Accompanying schools materials are available.


A Gaelic Alphabet – a guide to the pronunciation of Gaelic letters and words

George McLennan

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134334

Like its companion volume Scots Gaelic – an introduction to the basics, this handy book is of great help to learners and speakers.


Scots Gaelic – an introduction to the basics

George McLennan

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781902831886

A new reprint of the successful Gaelic primer.


Slogans Galore – Gaelic words in English

George McLennan

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134488

A reference guide to Gaelic-derived words in common use.




Traditional Tales

Allan Cunningham; Tim Killick (ed)

ASLS £12.50 HB 9781906841089

A selection of folk stories steeped in the traditions of southern Scotland and northern England. Mixing the natural and supernatural, they blur the distinction between the oral traditions of the distant past and emerging ideas of literature and modernity. Originally published in 1822, these fascinating tales form an essential part of folkloric history.


Scotland: Mapping the Nation

Christopher Fleet, Charles W.J. Withers and Margaret Wilkes

BIRLINN £20.00 PB 9781780270913

Three expert authors explore the history of Scotland told from the innovative perspective of maps and map-making. Beautifully illustrated throughout with full-colour plates.


Churchill 1940-1945: Under Friendly Fire

Walter Reid

September 2012

BIRLINN £12.99 PB 9781843410591

The only book to give a complete study of Churchill’s relationships with his allies, both at home and abroad and the time and energy he devoted to fighting both the war and them.


Tales of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites

Stuart McHardy

LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 9781908373236

Jacobite influences are often found in Scottish culture. Many of their stories and legends are still told today in some form or another. McHardy examines the Jacobite tales to create a vivid historical picture of Scotland’s Stuart past.


Edinburgh’s Colonies – housing the workers

Richard Rodger

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £11.99 PB 9781906134785

A well-illustrated narrative of the distinctive and charming ‘Colonies’ housing of Edinburgh. Of interest to Edinburgh citizens but also to students of social and housing history.


The Clydesdale – workhorse of the world

Mary Bromilow

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £20.00 HB 9781906134655

A lovingly compiled story of this unsung Scottish export, the magnificent Clydesdale horse. Lovely photos, beautiful book.


Waverley Route – the life, death and rebirth of the Borders Railway

David Spaven



The story that says much about Britain’s railways in the late 1960s, and about the opportunities created by devolution of power in the last years of the twentieth century to right one of the great wrongs of the old model of London-based transport policy. A social history of the Borders as much as a transport book. Illustrated with numerous period and current photos never before published.



The Satire of the Four Estates/ The Satyre of the Threi Estaits

John McGrath and Sir David Lyndsay.

CAPERCAILLIE BOOKS £12.99, ISBN 9781906220679

A timely publication given the state of the Union and the questionable power of the media.



The Golden Years of the Anchor Line

Martin Bellamy and Bill Spalding


The Anchor Line was one of the great shipping companies of the Clyde, famed for its sleek, luxurious liners operating between Glasgow and New York. The book uses contemporary images and personal narratives from passengers and crew to give a compelling insight into the operation of this famous shipping line. Available from www.stenlake.co.uk and from the shop at Riverside Museum.



David Hollett

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £40.00 HB 9781849270298

Between the years 1830 and 1930 emigration from Europe to North America took the form of a mass exodus. During these years it is estimated that about 40 million people sailed from Britain, Ireland and Continental Europe for the United States, Canada, and other distant lands. The tragic story of the Irish and Scottish clearances and evictions, leading to disproportionately large emigrations from these troubled lands receive appropriate attention. One of the concluding chapters is dedicated to the loss of the White Star liner Titanic.


Back From The Brink

Jamie Webster

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £9.99 PB 9780851748085

The fight to stop the closure of the Kvaerner Govan shipyard in Glasgow was the most high profile industrial campaign in Scotland since the UCS sit-in in the 1970’s. This is the inside story of that struggle, told in his own words by campaign leader, Govan’s yard convenor Jamie Webster.


Glenlee – The Life and Times of a Clyde Built Cape Horner

Colin Castle & Ian MacDonald

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £20.00 HB 9780851745091

In the 10-year period beginning in 1882, 271 barques and full-riggers were built on the Clyde during which time the yards of Russell, Stephen, Connell, Lithgow and Rodger established a worldwide reputation for the construction of large sailing ships of outstanding design, quality and durability. Three-masted barque Glenlee was one such vessel. This is her fascinating story.



Bill Cumming

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £55.00 HB 9781849270137

Based on real people and events this is a gripping factual account of the background events and repercussions of the milestone launch of the world’s first 4-masted iron merchant ship in 1875. The phenomenal success of this large square rigged sailing-ship, named County of Peebles, prompted R & J Craig of Glasgow to launch a further eleven fabulous jute clippers.


Half of Glasgow’s Gone

Michael Dick

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £9.95 PB 9780851745091

Glasgow, until recently, was a major European port and this publication describes its heyday, decline, neglect and subsequent redevelopment. Glasgow’s Harbour’s significant contribution to the 1939-45 war effort is also covered in some detail. The book records an important part of Glasgow’s heritage and a similar pattern of change, redevelopment and regeneration can be seen in other British ports whose roots lay in the 19th century.


Truly Clyde Built

William Kane

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £60.00 HB 9781849270144

Scott’s of Greenock grew from a small family business building and repairing Herring Busses in 1711 to leading the world in both merchant and naval shipbuilding to the highest standards. The gates closed permanently in 1993 thus ending a great relationship between the people of Greenock and the Scott Family Enterprise. DVD with 2GB of documents, tables and photographs included.


Keepers of The Light

Malcolm MacPherson

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £10.00 HB 9781849270113

There are well over 200 lighthouses positioned around Scotland’s breathtaking and energetic coastline. The author has captured 33 of these dramatic Scottish lighthouses in watercolour for this first volume of his original paintings. Each painting is accompanied by a brief description of the lighthouse giving details of location, dimensions, history, and technical information.


At The Sharp End

George H Parker

BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £19.95 HB 9780851746104

Provides an insight into the building and repairing of ships, on the Tay, on the Clyde, on the three rivers of the northeast of England, shipbuilding labour relations, and reasons for the decline of the industry. The late George Parker, the third generation of his family to build ships, writes about shipbuilding from the “inside”.

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A Handbook of Scotland’s Wild Harvests

Fi Martynoga (ed)

SARABAND £12.99 9781887354967

This inspirational guide is bursting with know-how on Scotland’s wild harvest, covering what, where, when and how you can use your bounty in sustainable ways – from the most useful and widespread of species to the less well-known, and from leaves and berries to saps, seeds, seaweeds, mosses and wood.


Aquaponic Gardening: A Guide to Raising Fish and Vegetables Together Sylvia Bernstein

SARABAND £16.99 9781908643087

Aquaponics is an amazingly easy way of gardening that is completely organic, hugely productive, resource-efficient, and there’s no weeding, watering or digging. This is the definitive do-it-yourself manual, giving you all the tools you need to create your own aquaponic system and enjoy fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables.




An Cuilithionn 1939: The Cuillin 1939 and Unpublished Poems

Sorley MacLean; Christopher Whyte (ed)

ASLS £12.50 HB 9781906841034

This major new edition of MacLean’s epic work includes 400 lines never before published, along with MacLean’s own English translation, and an extended commentary. Forty-five other previously unpublished poems by MacLean also appear here for the first time, with facing English translations.


Collected Poems

Robert Rendall

STEVE SAVAGE PUBLISHERS £25.00 HB 9781904246367

Although Robert Rendall was one of Orkney’s most highly-regarded 20th-century poets, his poetry has long been hard to obtain. This collection contains his four published collections, together with many poems which were published in newspapers or survive only in manuscript. An opportunity to appreciate the breadth of Rendall’s poetic work.


The Magicians of Edinburgh

Ron Butlin

POLYGON £9.99 PB 9781846972362

A wonderful collection of poems by Edinburgh’s Makar, Ron Butlin, reflecting and inspired by the City of Edinburgh.


Ragas and Reels: A Visual and Poetic Look at some New Scots

Bashabi Fraser & Hermann Rodrigues

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373342

The intricate stories told in Rodrigues’ portraits are matched by the rhythms and imagery in Fraser’s poetry. This book offers an insight into the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures in today’s Scotland. By peppering her poems with both Scots words and Indian words, Fraser demonstrates the bi-cultural nature of many of today’s Scots.


Don’t Mention This to Anyone: Poems from India & Pakistan

Tessa Ransford

LUATH PRESS £8.99 PB 978-1-908373-18-2

Ransford takes the reader on a journey to explore the differences between ‘then’ and ‘now’, linking the reader to a world now lost to most. These poems question what it is to be both British and Indian, drawing on the author’s memories and experiences to celebrate and uncover an ‘Indian’ self.



John Hudson

LUATH PRESS £8.99 PB 9781908373366

This is a beautiful exploration of our dependence on our planet. Through a variety of different poetic techniques, Hudson skilfully blends form and content to ask the perennial question: What does it mean to be human?


A Rug of a Thousand Colours

Tessa Ransford and Iyad Hayatleh

LUATH PRESS £8.99 PB 9781908373243

Iyad Hayatleh and Tessa Ransford create a vivid tapestry of dialog exploring their different cultural backgrounds and views regarding religion, tradition and society. This is a powerful explanatory project between a Syrian/Palestinian poet who is now a resident in Scotland and an established Scottish poet, signifying a unity of imagination, experience and perception.



Gerry McGrath

CARCANET PRESS £9.95 9781847771162

‘McGrath marks the arrival of a new generation of Scottish poets.’ -New Statesman. Gerry McGrath’s second book of poems paints precisely the commonplace detail of human experience. Taking inspiration from outstanding writers in Eastern Europe, Kashmir and Spain, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed A to B (Carcanet, 2008) offers a perspective that is haunting and new.



William Letford

CARCANET PRESS £9.95 ISBN 9781847771926

‘The pleasure I have gained from William Letford’s poems…will, I am confident, stay with me for ever’- Nicolas Lezard, The Guardian. The highly anticipated début collection by an energetic young Scottish poet and roofer. Dubbed ‘the future of Scottish poetry’, Letford’s readings have become a YouTube sensation.  His poems are sure and strong, the words dance. Bevel will be launched from 8.30pm on 24th August at the Edinburgh Book Festival.


Small World

Richard Price

CARCANET PRESS £9.95 ISBN 9781847771582

‘Richard Price is by far the most gifted Scottish poet of his generation’- The Scotsman. The fourth collection by a Whitbread and Forward Prize shortlisted Scottish poet. Small Island offers a moving portrait of love under intolerable pressure, as the poet’s partner suffers a brain haemorrhage. Price was recently chosen to represent Great Britain in the Scottish Poetry Library’s Written World project.




Hubris: How HBOS Wrecked the Best Bank in Britain

Ray Perman

BIRLINN £20.00 HB 9781780270517

For over 300 years the Bank of Scotland was one of the most admired and successful banks in the world, but its crash as part of HBOS left it reviled and distrusted, and having lost £10 billion. What went wrong?


Arguing for Independence: Evidence, Risk and Tackling the Wicked Issues

Stephen Maxwell

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373335

By offering an assessment of the case for independence across all its dimensions, Arguing for Independence fills a longstanding gap in Scotland’s political bookshelf as we enter a new and critical phase in the debate on Scotland’s political future. With a foreword by Owen Dudley Edwards


Scotland: The Growing Divide: Old Nation, New Ideas

Tom Brown and Henry McLeish

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373458

This is the follow-up to Scotland: The Road Divides, released in 2007. Five years on, and many of the conclusions reached in The Road Divides have become a political reality. Now facing an imminent referendum on the independence of Scotland, the authors focus on the changing face of politics and what this means for Scotland and the UK.


Carnegie’s Call – developing the success habit

Michael Malone

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £7.99 PB 9781908931047

Recognising the achievements of emigré and man of achievement Andrew Carnegie, Michael Malone interviews Scots who have distinguished themselves and seeks to understand attitudes to success. He uncovers some fascinating insights into how we can develop the success habit.


Fags Booze Drugs + children – what parents need to know to keep children safe

Max Cruickshank

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134983

The aim of this book is to inform, educate and empower parents or carers of young people about how drugs have the potential to damage their health and wellbeing. Factual, informative and rooted in years of experience as a youth worker.


Afternow – what next for a healthy Scottish society?

Phil Hanlon & Sandra Carlisle

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931054

The authors look at health and beyond health to the main social, economic, environmental and cultural challenges of our times.


The Great Takeover – how materialist values now dominate our lives and what we can do about it


ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931061

Where do these ideas come from and what can be done.


The New Road – community renewal

Alf Young & Ewan Young

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781908931078

A father and son take a journey to see some of the inspiring community action projects going on.


Scandalous Immoral and Improper – The Trial of Helen Percy

Helen Percy

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134747

In 1995 Helen Percy, a young Church of Scotland minister in an outwardly idyllic rural parish was raped by one of her congregation. This book is her revealing, remarkable and candid story – a beautifully and powerfully written testament to the strength of the human spirit and a burning indictment of conservative forces in Scotland’s national Church and among popularly held attitudes.


The Scots Crisis of Confidence

Carol Craig

ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134709

A brand new edition of Carol Craig’s successful exposition of Scots’ attitudes to and predilection for negativity. She offers a refreshingly different analysis of the big themes of Scottish culture. Rewritten in parts and brought up to date.

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Athens to Zagreb: Hearts in Europe

Mike Buckle

LUATH PRESS £14.99 HB 9781908373410

A must-read for Hearts fans, Athens to Zagreb is the definitive guide to all matches played by the team in European competitions since 1958. Only the third Scottish team to enter the European Cup, this record of the team’s glorious history is told from the point of view of some of the people who were closely involved, and of course the fans themselves.



Scotland Mountain Biking – Wild Trails Vol.2

Phil McKane

VERTEBRATE PUBLISHING £15.95 HB 9781906148522

A compact and portable mountain biking guidebook featuring 24 classic routes across Scotland, suitable for riders of all abilities. Researched, ridden and written by Scottish Mountain Bike Guide Phil McKane, each route features clear and easy to use Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 maps, detailed directions and photography by Andy McCandlish.


The East Highland Way

Kevin Langan

LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 9781908373403

A new, revised edition of the detailed and descriptive guide to the route developed by Kevin Langan in 2007. Beginning in Fort William and culminating in Aviemore, the trail forms a new walking route between the northern end of the West Highland Way and the southern end of the Speyside Way.



RON BUTLIN, the Edinburgh Poet Laureate and author of The Magicians of Edinburgh, CARLOS GAMERRO, author of An Open Secret, and ANDRES NEUMAN, author of Traveller of the Century, read at the Edinburgh Book Fringe 2012 Tuesday 21 August 2012, 1-2pm Word Power Books, 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DB Free admission, donations welcome. Contact books@word-power.co.uk or  0131 662 9112

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