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Volume 7 – Issue 4 – Classifieds – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Volume 7 – Issue 4 – Classifieds

November 12, 2011 | by SRB


Prester John
John Buchan
POLYGON £7.99 PB 978 0 85790 162 0

South Africa, 1900. 19-year-old David Crawfurd is sent to South Africa to earn his living as a storekeeper. A strange encounter on the journey suggests that dark deeds are afoot – all bound up with the mysterious primeval kingdom of Prester John. Available in paperback as part of an extensive backlist of Buchan’s titles and on eBook.

The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth
Stuart Clark
POLYGON £8.99 PB 978 1 84697 215 7

The first of a trilogy of novels inspired by key historical events in man’s quest to understand the Universe. Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei, although on different sides of a religious divide, seem united by a theory which threatens to reveal the very mind of God, but will put their lives in danger. eBook also available.

The Hunted
Paul Cuddihy
CAPERCAILLIE BOOKS £8.99 PB 9781906220426

Set in Glasgow, 1919, this tense political thriller follows Tom Costello, chosen by Irish Republican leaders to assassinate a British General. There is an informer in their midst and the British send their own marksman, Corporal Harrison to hunt down and kill Tom before he trains his sights on General Maxwell. Kindle and e-Pub versions available to download from Amazon and iBookstore

Whose Turn for the Stairs?
Robert Douglas
HACHETTE SCOTLAND £7.99 PB 9780755318926

Night Song of the Last Tram’s author Robert Douglas turns novelist to tell the story of 12 families and their tightly-knit street in 1950s Maryhill. With his customary humour and pathos, Douglas recreates a time and place particular to Glasgow but to which everyone will relate. Young love, new starts, and a domineering granny feature.

The Witches of Pollok
Anne Downie
CAPERCAILLIE BOOKS £8.99 PB 9781906220365

A gripping tale of witchcraft based on a true story set in 17th century Scotland. A young girl with a mysterious background, Janet Douglas cannot speak initially, but finds her voice to accuse others of witchcraft. The malevolent Janet Douglas disappears amidst a conflagration of fire… or does she? Kindle and ePub versions available to download from Amazon and iBookstore

The Wicker Tree
Robin Hardy
LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 978-1-906817-61-9

From the director of The Wicker Man… As young Americans Beth and Steve become missionaries in Scotland, they are welcomed to Tressock, the border fiefdom of the sinister Lachlan Morrison. They assume their hosts simply want to hear more about Jesus. How wrong they are. The new movie is due for release in UK cinemas soon.

Da Happie Laand Robert
Alan Jamieson
LUATH PRESS PB £9.99 978-1-906817-86-2

Shortlisted for the Saltire Society and Creative Scotland Book Awards 2010/11, this is the new edition of the epic and ambitious novel journeying between Shetland and New Zealand, encompassing mystery, ethnology, drama, linguistics and even a love story.

The Thistle and the Grail
Robin Jenkins
POLYGON £6.99 PB 978 085790 163 7

The Holy Grail of football, the Scottish Junior Cup, glitters at the end of a string of matches and suddenly the entire town of Drumsagart is depending on it. Also available in paperback as part of an extensive backlist of Jenkins’ titles. Available on eBook.

Poverty Castle
Robin Jenkins
POLYGON PB £7.99978 085790 160 6

Donald Sempill buys a ruin in Argyllshire to restores it as a home for his family – Poverty Castle. The idyll can’t last, though. Try as hard they might, the outside world creeps into the Sempills’ Eden. Also available in paperback as part of an extensive backlist of Jenkins’ titles. Available on eBook.

An Old Pub Near the Angel
James Kelman
POLYGON £7.99 PB 978 0 85790 148 4

James Kelman’s first collection of short stories appear as fresh and sharp as when they first appeared. Set among the tenements and bedsits of Glasgow, they shine a light on the exploits of young and old alike. Available as an eBook.

The Busconductor Hines
James Kelman
POLYGON £7.99 PB 978 085790 143 9

New eBook edition.

James Kelman provides a brilliantly executed, uncompromising slice of Glasgow life in the form of a bored busconductor cursed with an eccentric, anarchic imagination. Intelligent, funny and humane. Also available in paperback as part of an extensive backlist by Polygon. Available on eBook.

The Blockade Runners
Jules Verne
LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 978-1-905222-20-9

This classic tale of adventure from Jules Verne links the bustling docks of 19th century Glasgow with the danger and conflict of the American Civil War.

A Small Town Affair
Rosie Wallace
HACHETTE SCOTLAND £7.99 PB 9780755319343

A recipe for domestic disaster! Take one small town. Add three households: a MP, his wife and children; a Church of Scotland minister, his wife, teenagers and an afterthought; and a 60-something local businessman, and his childless wife. Mix in several large dollops of scandal, some secrets and a tragedy.


Scunnered – Slices of Scottish Life in Seventeen Gallus Syllables
Des Dillon
LUATH PRESS £6.99 PB 978-1-908373-01-4

The ideal gift for thinkers, ponderers and cynics, Scotophiles and Scotophobes alike. From internationally acclaimed and award-winning writer Des Dillon comes this humorous exploration of Scottish life and culture.

Tam O’ Shanter
Alexander Goudie
BIRLINN £25.00 HB 978 1 78027 036 4

Tam o’ Shanter is widely regarded as Robert Burns’ masterpiece. This magnificent edition of the poem features the work of Alexander Goudie, one of Scotland’s greatest 20th century artists, who was inspired by the poem to produce some of his most powerful and imaginative paintings, which capture all the menace and comedy of Burn’s poem.

An Cuilithionn 1939 – The Cuillin 1939 and Unpublished Poems
Sorley MacLean
ASLS £12.50 PB 9781906841034

Edited by Christopher Whyte, this major new edition of MacLean’s epic work includes 400 lines never before published, along with MacLean’s own English translation, and an extended commentary. 45 other previously unpublished poems by MacLean also appear here for the first time, with facing English translations.


The Flight of the Turtle – New Writing Scotland 29
Edited by Alan Bissett & Carl MacDougall
ASLS £7.95 PB 9781906841065

New Writing Scotland is the principal forum for poetry and short fiction in Scotland today. Every year it publishes the very best from both emerging and established writers. The Flight of the Turtle is the latest collection of excellent contemporary writing, drawn from across Scotland.


Scotland’s Castle Culture
Edited by Audrey Dakin, Miles Glendinning & Aonghas MacKechnie
JOHN DONALD £25.00 HB 978 1 90656 633 3

The drama and diversity of this subject is reflected in the book’s structure: five chapters covering the main chronological phases of castle culture, followed by ten individual case studies of representative examples, from medieval Bothwell to Iain Begg’s late 20th-century Raven’s Craig.

Renewing Old Edinburgh – the Enduring Legacy of Patrick Geddes
Jim Johnson & Lou Rosenburg
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £14.99 PB 9781906134495

Original research into the structure of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The same issues in Patrick Geddes’ era still resonate today in the field of modern development.


To Have and to Hold – Future of a Contested Landscape
Edited by Gerrie Van Noord
LUATH PRESS £15.00 PB 978-1-908373-10-6

NVA art agency sees St Peter’s seminary as a place charged with possibilities, stories and life. This book aims to dismantle the notion of ‘ruin’ as we know it and go beyond what is normally seen, to build a new whole from fragments which perpetually shimmer with potentiality.


Inspirations – a new series of introductory biographies of people of achievement from past and present.

Bob Dylan
Colin Waters
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134518

Nelson Mandela
Marian Pallister
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134525

Robert Burns
Bronwen Hosie
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134532

The Williams Sisters
Hugh MacDonald
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134549

Charles Dickens
Alan Taylor
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819906134679

Muhammad Ali
Hugh MacDonald
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819096134662

JK Rowling
Lindsey Fraser
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134693

John Lennon
Chris Dolan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819906134686

Immortal Memories
John Cairney
LUATH PRESS £12.99 PB 978-1-905222-48-3

A compilation of toasts to the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns as delivered at Burns Suppers around the world together with other orations, verses and addresses from 1801 to the present.

Prelude to Everest – Alexander Kellas, Himalayan Mountaineer
Ian R. Mitchell and George W. Rodway
LUATH PRESS £20.00 HB 978-1-906817-74-9

Award-winning mountain writer Ian R Mitchell and scientist George W Rodway tell the tale of Aberdeen-born Kellas, who achieved the first ascent of several Himalayan peaks over 20,000 feet, but whose life was to end in tragedy as he became the first ‘martyr’ of Everest in 1921.

Jules Verne’s Scotland – In Fact and Fiction
Ian Thompson
LUATH PRESS £16.99 HB 978-1-906817-37-4

Jules Verne’s Scotland guides the reader through Verne’s journeys to Scotland, first in 1859 and again in 1879, where he witnessed the majesty of Edinburgh and the industrial buzz of Glasgow together with the unspoilt beauty of the Highlands and Islands.


More Granny Porage Stories
Jean Marshall
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134341

Three more cleverly illustrated stories for the under-eights.

Send for Granny Porage
Jean Marshall
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134556

The latest picture book in the Granny Porage series for the young.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim
Kenneth Steven
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819906134730

Another adventure story from this successful and thoughtful author. For 2 to 8-year-olds.

Murdo’s War
Alan Temperley
LUATH PRESS £8.99 PB 978-1-906817-34-3

It’s February 1943 and the Nazis have a secret plan to invade Britain. Only 14-year-old Sutherlander Murdo stands in their way. This thrilling and dangerous adventure story chases over harsh Scottish terrain through freezing weather and the stakes couldn’t be higher.


The Scots Crisis of Confidence
Carol Craig
ARGYLL PUBLISHING, £9.99 PB 9781906134709

A new edition of Carol Craig’s successful exposition of Scots’ attitudes to and predilection for negativity. She offers a refreshingly different analysis of the big themes of Scottish culture. Rewritten in parts and brought up to date.

The Trial of Helen Percy
Helen Percy
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134747

In 1995 Helen Percy, a young Church of Scotland minister in an outwardly idyllic rural parish was raped by one of her congregation. This book is her revealing, remarkable and candid story – a beautifully and powerfully written testament to the strength of the human spirit and a burning indictment of conservative forces in Scotland’s national Church and among popularly held attitudes.


Burnscripts – Dramatic interpretations of the life and works of Robert Burns
John Cairney
LUATH PRESS £14.99 PB 978-1-906817-72-5

Burnscripts, a collection of dramatic scripts by John Cairney interpreting the life and works of Robert Burns. Cairney, connected professionally to Burns as actor, author and writer for nearly half a century, is ideally-suited to present this collection of theatre plays, children’s drama and a full-length musical.


101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die
Ian Buxton
HACHETTE SCOTLAND £12.99 HB 9780755360833

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die is a whisky guide with a difference. The book decodes the marketing hype and gets straight to the point; whether from India, America, Sweden, Ireland, Japan or the hills, glens and islands of Scotland, here are the 101 whiskies that you really want. Slainte!

The Sprouters Handbook
Edward Cairney
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134754

New editions of bestselling and on formative guide to sprouting seeds. David Bellamy: ‘A must for every kitchen and a bonus for all who crave a healthy diet.’


A Gaelic Alphabet – a Guide to the Pronunciation of Gaelic Letters and Words
George McLennan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134334

Like its companion volume Scots Gaelic, an introduction to the basics, this handy book is of great help to learners and speakers.

Scots Gaelic – an Introduction to the Basics
George McLennan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781902831886

A new reprint of the successful Gaelic primer.

Slogans Galore – Gaelic Words in English
George McLennan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134488

A reference guide to Gaelic-derived words in common use.

The Essential Gaelic-English / English-Gaelic Dictionary
Angus Watson
BIRLINN £25.00 HB 978 1 84158 367 9

This combined dictionary is ideal for learners of Gaelic at all levels, and its generous coverage of vocabulary from fields such as business and IT makes it a valuable tool for all those who require an up-to-date reference work.


Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors
National Archives of Scotland
BIRLINN £12.99 PB 978 0 85790 077 7

Scotland has one of the best-maintained records and facilities of any country in the world for undertaking family research. This book details internet developments, including a chapter on family history on the web. It also points to traditional resources, explaining step by step how to research records of births, marriages and wills. Available on eBook.


Scottish Ethnicity and the Making of New Zealand Society, 1850-1930
Tanja Bueltmann

Uncovering Scottish ethnicity from the verges of nostalgia, this study documents the notable imprint Scots left on New Zealand. It examines Scottish immigrant community life, culture and identity and adds to the growing body of knowledge on the Scots abroad.

A History of Everyday Life in Medieval Scotland
Edited by Edward J. Cowan and Lizanne Henderson

What was it like to live in the medieval period? In what ways did extraordinary events affect the everyday? The first volume in the Everyday Life series answers these questions as it opens a window onto medieval Scotland from 1000 to 1600.

Scotland the Brief a short history of a nation
Christopher Harvie
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134617

A beginner’s guide from prehistory to the new Scottish Parliament.

River of Fire – The Clydebank Blitz
John MacLeod
BIRLINN £9.99 PB 978 0 85790 086 9

John MacLeod tells the story of the Clydebank Blitz and the terrible scale of death and devastation, speculating on why the tragedy has been so widely forgotten and its ordeal denied any place in national honour. Available on eBook.

The Kirk and the Kingdom – A Century of Tension in Scottish Social Theology 1830-1929
Johnston McKay

Many believe that the church was largely mute on the widespread poverty and deprivation which accompanied the rapid expanse of urban life in Scotland. This study shows that the church was not lacking in commitment to improving such conditions, through the example of theologian Robert Flint and the parish minister Frederick Lockhart Robertson.

Domination and Lordship – Scotland, 1070-1230
Richard Oram

Was Scotland dominated or the dominator in the twelfth and early thirteenth-century? Volume 3 of the New Edinburgh History of Scotland explores the key issues and themes of the time, placing this period in the wider context of the formation of Scotland the nation.

Edinburgh’s Colonies – Housing the Workers
Richard Rodger
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £11.99 PB 9781906134785

A well-illustrated narrative of the distinctive and charming ‘Colonies’ housing of Edinburgh. Of interest to Edinburgh citizens but also to students of social and housing history.

Great Scottish Speeches
David Torrance
LUATH PRESS £16.99 HB 978-1-906817-97-8

A collection of around sixty of the greatest speeches delivered in Scotland or by Scots, ranging from the political oratories of Alex Salmond, Margaret Thatcher and Donald Dewar, to the fictional words of Miss Jean Brodie, Macbeth and Trainspotting’s Renton.

The BBC in Scotland – The First 50 Years
David Pat Walker
LUATH PRESS £20.00 HB 978-1-908373-00-7

Former BBC Scotland assistant controller David Pat Walker delves into the history of Scottish broadcasting, with thrilling tales of coded war messages, the British predecessor to War of the Worlds and the advent of television.


Never Mind the Captions – An Off-Beat Guide to Scotland’s History and Heritage
Alistair Findlay
LUATH PRESS PB £7.99 978-1-906817-89-3

Scotland’s most iconic objects and works of art are given a voice of their own in this unique, amusing and thought provoking book as the author looks beyond the museum information cards to imagine what the exhibits themselves might have to say.

Last Tram tae Auchenshuggle
Allan Morrison
LUATH PRESS £7.99 PB 978-1-908373-04-5

A hilarious homage to the world famous Glasgow trams, featuring everyone’s famous clippie, Big Aggie MacDonald.

Why Me? The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant
Bob Servant with Neil Forsyth
BIRLINN £6.99 PB 978 1 78027 009 8

In these genuine emails, Bob Servant looks to the Internet’s worst con merchants and charlatans for answers to his many woes, from the author of the bestselling Delete This at Your Peril and Bob Servant: Hero of Dundee. eBook also available


Scottish and International Modernisms – Relationships and Reconfigurations
Edited by Emma Dymock & Margery Palmer McCulloch
ASLS £9.95 PB 9781906841072

This collection of essays, from fourteen scholars, illustrates the strongly international and modernist dimension of Scotland’s interwar revival, and illuminates the relationships between Scottish and non-Scottish writers and contexts. It also includes two chapters on the contribution made to this revival by Scottish visual art and music.


Glenlee – The Life and Times of a Clyde Built Cape Horner
Colin Castle & Ian MacDonald
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £20.00 HB 978-0851745091

In the 10-year period beginning in 1882, 271 barques and full-riggers were built on the Clyde during which time the yards of Russell, Stephen, Connell, Lithgow and Rodger established a worldwide reputation for the construction of large sailing ships of outstanding design, quality and durability. Three-masted barque Glenlee was one such vessel. This is her fascinating story.

Bill Cumming
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £55.00 HB 978-1849270137

Based on real people and events this is a gripping factual account of the background events and repercussions of the milestone launch of the world’s first 4-masted iron merchant ship in 1875.

The phenomenal success of this large square rigged sailing-ship, named County of Peebles, prompted R & J Craig of Glasgow to launch a further eleven fabulous jute clippers.

Half of Glasgow’s Gone
Michael Dick
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £9.95 PB 978-0851745091

Glasgow, until recently, was a major European port and this publication describes its heyday, decline, neglect and subsequent redevelopment. Glasgow’s Harbour’s significant contribution to the 1939-45 war effort is also covered in some detail. The book records an important part of Glasgow’s heritage and a similar pattern of change, redevelopment and regeneration can be seen in other British ports whose roots lay in the 19th century.

Truly Clyde Built
William Kane
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £60.00 HB 9781849270144

Scott’s of Greenock grew from a small family business building and repairing Herring Busses in 1711 to leading the world in both merchant and naval shipbuilding to the highest standards. The gates closed permanently in 1993 thus ending a great relationship between the people of Greenock and the Scott Family Enterprise. DVD with 2GB of documents, tables and photographs included.

Keepers of The Light
Malcolm MacPherson
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £10.00 HB 9781849270113

There are well over 200 lighthouses positioned around Scotland’s breathtaking and energetic coastline. The author has captured 33 of these dramatic Scottish lighthouses in watercolour for this first volume of his original paintings. Each painting is accompanied by a brief description of the lighthouse giving details of location, dimensions, history, and technical information.

At The Sharp End
George H Parker
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £19.95 HB 9780851746104

Provides an insight into the building and repairing of ships, on the Tay, on the Clyde, on the three rivers of the north-east of England, shipbuilding labour relations, and reasons for the decline of the industry. The late George Parker, the third generation of his family to build ships, writes about shipbuilding from the “inside”.

Last Dawn – the Royal Oak tragedy at Scapa Flow
David Turner
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £7.99 PB 9781906134761

A new (3rd) edition of the WWII story of the Royal Oak. Already the subject of a TV documentary, Last Dawn in now a text for the study of WW2 in schools.


Six Months Without Sundays – The Scots Guards in Afghanistan
Max Benitz
BIRLINN £16.99 HB 978 1 84341 052 2

Benitz reports from the frontline in a perceptive account of several months spent in Afghanistan.

Training and living amongst soldiers, who are also his peers age-wise, as they undertake their tour in Helmand province, gives an insight into the pressures faced by those who the Scots Guards in the most dangerous place on earth. eBook also available.


The Great Folk Discography Volume 2 – The Next Generation
Martin Strong
POLYGON £20.00 PB 978 1 84697 177 8

The Great Folk Discography Volume 2 examines the new legends of folk music from the 1970s to date, taking in such diverse acts as Billy Bragg, Midlake, Fleet Foxes, Nanci Griffith and the Proclaimers.


The Clydesdale – Workhorse of the World
Mary Bromilow
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £20 HB 9781906134655

A lovingly compiled story of this unsung Scottish export, the magnificent Clydesdale horse. Lovely photos, beautiful book.

A Lone Furrow – The Continued Fight Against Wildlife Crime
Alan Stewart
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134792

Britain’s foremost investigator of wildlife crime returns to the many crime scenes that still cover the countryside. First hand accounts of fascinating police investigations. Scottish Field: ‘Britain’s foremost wildlife detective.’


A Model Constitution for Scotland – Making Democracy Work in an Independent State
W. Elliot Bulmer
LUATH PRESS £9.99 PB 978-1-908373-1-37

A Model Constitution for Scotland sets out a workable model for Scotland’s future and includes detailed constitutional proposals and informed discussion on the topic.


Caledonia Dreaming
John KV Eunson
HACHETTE SCOTLAND £8.99 PB 9780755318605

It would be hard to imagine getting through the day without using Alexander Cummings from Edinburgh’s invention – the flushing toilet. Glasgow’s William Cullen invented artificial refrigeration. Then there’s Dundee’s Janet Keillor (marmalade), Paisley’s James Goodfellow (the ATM) and Alexander McRae from the Kyle of Lochalsh (Speedos). Caledonia Dreaming tells the often frankly unbelievable stories behind these.


On Fire with Fergie – Me, My Dad and the Dons
Stuart Donald
HACHETTE SCOTLAND £8.99 PB 9780755319817

When at the age of 5, Stuart Donald found his elated Dad watching his team reach the Scottish League Cup Final with a dramatic 5-1 victory over Rangers, it was the start of an amazing relationship with Aberdeen FC. Stuart and his Dad watched Alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen rise to the top of Scottish and European football, only to fall away…

We Are Hibernian
Andy MacVannan
LUATH PRESS HB £14.99 978-1-906817-99-2

A collection of real supporters talking about their real life experiences with one thing in common – the team they love! Including stories from some of Hibernian’s more high profile supporters such as Dougray Scott, Irvine Welsh and the Proclaimers.

Hands on Hearts – A Physio’s Tale
Alan Rae with Paul Kiddie
LUATH PRESS £14.99 HB 978-1-908373-02-1

Physiotherapist Alan Rae spent over 20 years tending to the injuries of Heart of Midlothian players. He now gives us a glimpse at life behind the scenes at a premiere league football club from a truly unique perspective.

The World History of Highland Games
David Webster
LUATH PRESS £25.00 PB 978-1-906307-48-6

The story of the games – Scotland and beyond! This is the largest and most comprehensive publication on the history and development of Scottish Highland Games, from its ancient roots to the present day.

Hibernian – From Joe Baker to Turnbull’s Tornadoes
Tom Wright
LUATH PRESS £20.00 HB 978-1-908373-09-0

The author narrates the great highs and painful lows of one of Scotland’s best loved football teams, with the hope that they will one day be resurrected to their former glory.


Cycling around Scotland
Nick Fairweather
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134570

Light-hearted and informative travel writing at its best. All on a bike, on his own.

Walter’s Wiggles – The Random Thoughts of a Random Traveller
Walter Stephen
LUATH PRESS £12.99 PB 978-1-906817-68-8

The author takes the reader on a series of quests, to locations near and far, obscure and tourist-trodden. In discussion of his random places, Stephen works to examine his perception of the world we live in and how we act towards each other.


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