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Volume 6 – Issue 2 – Contents – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Volume 6 – Issue 2 – Contents

May 12, 2010 | by SRB

Karl Miller – The Last of the Bohemians: Robert Colquhoun and Robert MacBryde

Brian Morton – Election Diary – A View from the Edge

Anne Simpson – Bloomin’ Dublin – Irish Writers’ Response to the Recession

Ian Bell – Tartan Pimps: Who – and what – are they?

William McIlvanney – The SRB Interview

Lesley McDowell and Theresa Munoz – Gallimaufry

Queequeg Crossword

Humberto Ak’Abal and James Robertson – New Poetry

Alistair Moffat – On Mockintoshery

Reviews by Nora Chassler, Roderick Graham, Christopher Harvie, Alasdair Macrae, Angus Macneacail, Kevin Macneil, Alison Miller, Tom Morton, Stephen Phelan, Jennie Renton, Richard Strachan, Colin Waters, Louise Welsh

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