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Contents Written by SROB 1234
Editorial Written by Alan Taylor 1304
Hammer of the Scots - Karl Miller Written by Karl Miller 2036
Edna and Michael Longley - The SRB Interview Written by SROB 2139
Reading the Ruins: How Ireland is Losing its Memory - Hugo Hamilton Written by Hugo Hamilton 1742
Six Poems, Six Poets Written by Various 1624
Boosters and Begrudgers - Graham Walker Written by Graham Walker 1682
From Hume to Bloom - Cairns Craig Written by Cairns Craig 1387
A Tale of Two Unions - Patrick Geoghegan Written by Patrick Geoghegan 2247
Home Alone: A Malayan Writer in Glasgow - Chiew-Siah Tei Written by Chiew-Siah Tei 1350
A Life of Loose Ends - Rodge Glass Written by Rodge Glass 1590
Gallimaufry - Paul Shanks, Cairns Craig, and Gerald Daw Written by Paul Shanks, Cairns Craig, and Gerald Daw 1578
Peace Work - John D Brewer Written by John D Brewer 1396
A Critics’ Orgy - Patrick Crotty Written by Patrick Crotty 1861
Reviews Written by SROB 1814