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Contents Written by SROB 1317
Editorial Written by Alan Taylor 1320
A Case of Knives - Colin Waters Written by Colin Waters 1761
Bohemian Rhapsody - Lesley McDowell Written by Lesley McDowell 1386
Poe Pourri - Brian Morton Written by Brian Morton 1404
Diary Muse to the Makars - Stanley Rodger Green Written by Stanley Rodger Green 2520
New Poems - Brian McCabe Written by Brian McCabe 3308
Cow Bhoys and Indians - Owen Dudley Edwards Written by Owen Dudley Edwards 1482
World's End Murders - Frederic Lindsay Written by Frederic Lindsay 4351
Amazing Gray - Paul Henderson Scott Written by Paul Henderson Scott 2550
Michael Faber - The SRB Interview Written by SROB 2311
All Academic - Ian Bell Written by Ian Bell 1928
Gallimaufry - Lesley McDowell and Theresa Munoz Written by Lesley McDowell and Theresa Munoz 1570
Edwin Muir’s Ecosystem of Sounds - Robert Crawford Written by Robert Crawford 2774
Reviews Written by SROB 1461