by Nick Major

The quality of Gavin Francis’ books belies the fact that writing is not his only occupation. Born in Fife in 1975, he qualified from medical school in Edinburgh in 1999 and spent ten years travelling around the world. In 2008 he published his first book, True...

Volume 11 Issue 4 Editorial

by SRB

SEVEN decades ago plans for the first Edinburgh International Festival, which finally took place in 1947, were well underway. Its promoters were visionaries who through art and culture aspired to unite nations and peoples who for six long and calamitous years were hellbent on wiping each...

Crichton’s Close

by Colin Waters

Regular blog from our resident insider at the Scottish Poetry Library

Blog / Discussion

The SPL Podcast: TS Eliot Prize-winner Sarah Howe

by The Scottish Poetry Library

In this podcast, T.S. Eliot Prize-winning poet Sarah Howe talks to Jennifer Williams about kicking off the 2016 Edinburgh International Book Festival, writing with multiple languages and alphabets, sense and non-sense in poetry...

In Greeneland

by Alan Taylor


by Alan Taylor

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From The Vaults

Then and Now: A View From the Fourth Estate

by Alan Taylor

THE old Scotsman headquarters, which occupied the entire west side of Edinburgh’s North Bridge, managed simultaneously to exude squalor and splendour....

Volume 7 – Issue 1 – Poetry – Leonard Cohen

by Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen was born in Montreal in 1934. He published his first volume of poetry, Let Us Compare Mythologies, in 1956. His early influences included Lorca, Whitman, and Yeats. The Spice-Box of Earth (1961), Cohen’s second volume of poetry, brought him to wider attention in Canada; a number of...

In Cold Blood

by David Robinson

ODD, isn’t it, how friendships form? Take Duane West and me. We live on different continents, have only spent six hours in each other’s company eight years ago, and might never meet again. Yet every month or so we exchange emails. He’ll tell me about life...

Pinch Me! But Where Do We Go From Here?

by John MacLeod

IT’S OLD AND IT’S the sort of story which, as us tabloid hacks like to say, is really too good to check. A grand New York publication, feeling rather hands-across-the-seaish and with a seasonal edition to fill, rang round assorted UN ambassadors to ask what they really...