by Nick Major

The quality of Gavin Francis’ books belies the fact that writing is not his only occupation. Born in Fife in 1975, he qualified from medical school in Edinburgh in 1999 and spent ten years travelling around the world. In 2008 he published his first book, True...

Volume 11 Issue 4 Editorial

by SRB

SEVEN decades ago plans for the first Edinburgh International Festival, which finally took place in 1947, were well underway. Its promoters were visionaries who through art and culture aspired to unite nations and peoples who for six long and calamitous years were hellbent on wiping each...

Sheep v Trees

by Rosemary Goring

28 September, 2016

I’ll always remember the irritation that crossed Allan Massie’s face when at a book festival where he was discussing his war-time novels set in Bordeaux someone tried to probe him about Vichy France. What was his opinion of the rights and...

Blog / Discussion

Crichton’s Close, 27 September, 2016

by The Scottish Poetry Library

Regular blog from our resident insider at the Scottish Poetry Library

Crichton’s Close

by Colin Waters

In Greeneland

by Alan Taylor

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From The Vaults

Volume 9 – Issue 4 – New Poems – Beauty

by CK Stead

One: Like a bird (for Kay)


Long ago, remember,

when we lived on the beach

at Takapuna, a Texan


teacher of maths bought a

fisherman’s dizzy wife for

one thousand pounds – a good


price, equal to one year’s


Not bad for a housewife

by Karl Miller

Volume 1 Issue 2

 Since Alice Munro has just won the Nobel prize for literature we have brought this piece back from our archive from 2005.

TWO OF SCOTLAND’S most gifted writers, of all time, are born-and-bred Canadians – Alice Munro and Alistair...

Panama Hell

by Rosemary Goring

WHEN rumours leaked out that the Scots were considering setting up a trading colony in Panama, the Prince of Orange, William III, denounced them as ‘raging madmen’. Even the Pope waded into the growing chorus of disapproval, condemning a venture that threatened to...

Alain-Fournier’s Solidarity Masterpiece

by SRB

Youth is another country. They do things differently there, according to different rules, and in a language which is quite lost to us in later life. It is easy enough to capture early childhood in fiction. There are conventions about...