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Volume 8 – Issue 1 – Classifieds – Scottish Review of Books
by SRB

Volume 8 – Issue 1 – Classifieds

March 3, 2012 | by SRB


Classified contains a listing of new titles submitted for inclusion by publishers in Scotland. Advertisers in this section are:

Argyll Publishing

01369 820 229 argyllpublishing.com

Association for Scottish Literary Studies (ASLS)

0141 330 5309 asls.org.uk

Backpage Press


Birlinn Ltd.

0131 668 4371 birlinn.co.uk

Brown, Son & Ferguson

0141 429 5922 skipper.co.uk

Edinburgh University Press

0131 650 4218 eup.ed.ac.uk

Glasgow Museums

0141 276 9452 glasgowmuseums.com

Grace Note Publications

01764 655979 books@ gracenotereading.co.uk

John Donald

See Birlinn.

Luath Press

0131 225 4326 luath.co.uk

National Galleries of Scotland

0131 624 6269 nationalgalleries.org

Para Press

01892 512 118 parapress.co.uk


020 7770 6083 savagepublishers.com


Brighton Belle – A Mirabelle Bevan Mystery
Sara Sheridan
POLYGON £16.99 HB 9781846972331
In an attempt to put her past behind her, retired Secret Service agent Mirabelle Bevan takes a job at a debt collection agency run by the charismatic Big Ben McGuigan. But the mysterious case of Romana Laszlo brings Mirabelle back to her roots. Also available as an eBook.

Time & Tide – A Hew Cullan Mystery
Shirley McKay
POLYGON £8.99 PB 9781846972188
1582, St Andrews. In the swell of a storm, a ship is wrecked in the harbour. The only survivor is a young Flemish sailor. The cargo brings devastation to the town as squabbling turns to tragedy. Hew traces the ship to its source in Ghent, where he uncovers a strange secret and finds his principles tested to the core. Also available as an eBook.

The Road to Hell – An Alice Rice Mystery
Gillian Galbraith
POLYGON £14.99 HB 9781846972256
When the body of a half-clothed woman is discovered in an Edinburgh park, a murder investigation is launched. The victim has not been reported missing and there are few clues to her identity. Soon after, the naked corpse of a prominent clergyman is found, also in a park. Is  the same killer at work, and what is the connection between the attacks? Also available as an eBook.

The Pure
Jake Simons
Introducing Uzi, a disaffected, deadly ex-Mossad agent with revenge on his mind. When he gets the chance to expose the details of a top-secret assassination operation he makes himself an enemy of his former employers. The Pure is a high-octane, action-packed, adrenaline-pumping espionage thriller. Buckle up, there’s a new Bourne in town! Also available as an eBook.

Margaret Oliphant
ASLS £9.95 PB 9780948877995
Kirsteen, from an old but impoverished Highland family, rebels against her father and flees to London. Against the odds she finds work, striving for independence against a world determined to drag her down. Written in the late 1800s, Kirsteen is a startlingly modern novel in its treatment of women.

Catriona Child
Davie Watts is the Trackman. He knows what song you need to hear and he knows when you need to hear it. He seeks out strangers in need and helps them using the power of music. A powerful debut novel set in Edinburgh, by a Scottish author and with a killer soundtrack!

Saving Sebastian
Hazel McHaffie
Sebastain Zair is four years old. But a rare blood disorder means that he won’t live much longer unless he gets a stem cell transplant from a donor with a matching tissue type. It’s a race against time and time is not on Sebastian’s side. How far would you go to save the life of your child?


An Cuilithionn 1939: The Cuillin 1939 and Unpublished Poems
Sorley MacLean; Christopher Whyte (ed)
ASLS £12.50 PB 9781906841034
This major new edition of MacLean’s epic work includes 400 lines never before published, along with MacLean’s own English translation, and an extended commentary. Forty-five other previously unpublished poems by MacLean also appear here for the first time, with facing English translations.

View from the Bench: My Life in Poetry
Lillias Scott Forbes
A celebration in Scots and English poetry of the life of Lillias Scott Forbes, nonagenarian poet and daughter of the composer Francis George Scott. Thoughtful, witty, amusing and timeless.

These Islands, We Sing – An Anthology of Scottish Islands Poetry
Kevin MacNeil (ed)
These Islands, We Sing is a unique celebration of Scottish islands’ Poetry. This collection brings together world-renowned talent alongside many fantastic poets who deserve more attention. This anthology includes work by Sorley Maclean, Ian Crichton Smith, George Mackay Brown, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Hugh McDairmid, and many more.


Renewing Old Edinburgh – the Enduring Legacy of Patrick Geddes
Jim Johnson & Lou Rosenburg
Original research into the structure of Edinburgh’s Old Town. The same issues in Patrick Geddes’ era still resonate today in the field of modern development.

English Drawings and Watercolours 1600–1900: National Gallery of Scotland
Christopher Baker
The collection of English drawings and watercolours in the National Gallery of Scotland is rich, diverse and in many respects little known. This scholarly catalogue for the first time makes the full scope and importance of the collection clear. Beautifully produced and generously illustrated, it is a key reference work for a wide range of enthusiasts for British art.

The Grand Designer -Third Marquess of Bute
Rosemary Hannah
This fascinating biography tells the story of a rich eccentric, whose learning, insight and kindness produced extraordinary results in architecture and life, a man who combined being amongst the richest men of the age with artistic patronage of an almost incomprehensible scale. Also available as an eBook.

Introducing Italian Art
Patricia Collins
The paintings and objects featured here offer a glimpse into the spectacular collection of Italian art which Glasgow Museums has been fortunate to develop, largely thanks to the great generosity of past citizens and benefactors. It features paintings and decorative works from the 14th to 19th centuries.

Glasgow Museums: The Italian Paintings Professor
Peter Humfrey
Glasgow has the finest and most comprehensive civic collection of Italian paintings in Britain. Spanning five centuries, it includes masterpieces by Bellini, Signorelli, Titian, Domenichino and Guardi. Professor Peter Humfrey describes all 140 of Glasgow’s Italian paintings, and the catalogue is lavishly illustrated.


Inspirations – a new series of introductory biographies of people of achievement from past and present.
Bob Dylan
Colin Waters
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134518

Nelson Mandela
Marian Pallister
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134525

Robert Burns
Bronwen Hosie
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134532

The Williams Sisters
Hugh MacDonald
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134549

Charles Dickens
Alan Taylor
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819906134679

Muhammad Ali
Hugh MacDonald
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819096134662

JK Rowling
Lindsey Fraser
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134693

John Lennon
Chris Dolan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819906134686

Highland Homespun
Margaret Leigh
BIRLINN £8.99 PB 9781780270418
Margaret Leigh recounts a year of farming life on Achnabo farm, in a beautiful corner of the West Highlands overlooking the Isle of Skye. From the author of Driftwood and Tangle and Spade Among the Rushes comes this reflective and poignant memoir of a world now vanished forever.

The Man who was Never Shakespeare
A. J. Pointon
PARAPRESS £12.00 PB 9781898594888
William Shakspere was a rich businessman from Stratford-upon-Avon, and a minor actor. But was he also the great playwright who wrote under the name Shakespeare? Or is that just a case of identity theft? Tony Pointon here restores to William Shakspere his own identity, and removes the myths that have distorted his real lifestyle.


More Granny Porage Stories
Jean Marshall
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134341
Three more cleverly illustrated stories for the under-eights.

Send for Granny Porage
Jean Marshall
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134556
The latest picture book in the Granny Porage series for the young.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim Kenneth Steven
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 97819906134730 Another adventure story from this
successful and thoughtful author. For 2 to 8-year-olds.

Huntress of the Sea
Alan Temperley
LUATH PRESS LTD £7.99 PB 9781906817350
When Ewan’s father returns home after an absence of seven years, his body is covered in scars, his nails are like claws and there is a new wildness in his eyes. Someone or something wishes Ewan dead – because his father’s stormy past is not willing to let him go.


Claire Macdonald’s Entertaining Solo- Delicious Recipes for Single Cooks Who Like to Entertain
Claire Macdonald
BIRLINN £14.99 PB 9781780270487
With an emphasis on meals that can be prepared in advance, or main courses that can be served up in one dish, these recipes are designed for the minimum fuss, so you can relax and enjoy your evening with your guests, free from the stove. With fabulously tasty, stylish food, Entertaining Solo is the perfect kitchen companion for single chefs everywhere.

The Claire Macdonald Cookbook
Claire Macdonald
BIRLINN £25.00 HB 9781780270814
Whether providing ideas for informal family fare, intimate gourmet meals or special occasions, Claire Macdonald is a remarkably reliable source of foolproof and marvellous recipes.

Claire Macdonald’s Fish – Inspiring Fish recipes for Creative Cooks
Claire Macdonald
BIRLINN £14.99 PB 9781780270807
Claire Macdonald turns her attention to fish in this practical, inspired and creative collection of recipes.

Claire Macdonald’s Simply Seasonal
Claire Macdonald
BIRLINN £14.99 PB 9781780270838
Arranged in an easy-to-use format, with recipes arranged by season, Claire Macdonald offers a whole range of recipes for informal entertaining.


Megrahi: You Are My Jury – The Lockerbie Evidence
John Ashton
BIRLINN £14.99 PB 9781780270159
This long-awaited book argues that, far from being an unrepentant terrorist, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was the innocent victim of dirty politics, a flawed investigation and judicial folly. Based on exclusive interviews with Megrahi himself, and conclusive new evidence, it destroys the prosecution case and puts the Scottish criminal justice system in the dock.

Fags Drugs Booze + children – what parents need to know to keep children safe
Max Cruickshank
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134983
An entertaining, challenging and informative guide to all manner of drugs including alcohol and tobacco.

The Scots Crisis of Confidence
Carol Craig
ARGYLL PUBLISHING, £9.99 PB 9781906134709
A new edition of Carol Craig’s successful exposition of Scots’ attitudes to and predilection for negativity. She offers a refreshingly different analysis of the big themes of Scottish culture. Rewritten in parts and brought up to date.

The Trial of Helen Percy
Helen Percy
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134747
In 1995 Helen Percy, a young Church of Scotland minister in an outwardly idyllic rural parish was raped by one of her congregation. This book is her revealing, remarkable and candid story – a beautifully and powerfully written testament to the strength of the human spirit and a burning indictment of conservative forces in Scotland’s national Church and among popularly held attitudes.

A Model Constitution for Scotland: Making Democracy Work in an Independent State
W. Elliot Bulmer
LUATH PRESS LTD £9.99 PB 9781908373137
A Model Constitution for Scotland sets out a workable model for Scotland’s future and includes detailed constitutional proposals and informed discussion on the topic.

A Nation Again: Why Independence will be Good for Scotland (And England Too)
Paul Henderson Scott (ed.)
LUATH PRESS LTD £7.99 PB 9781908373250
A comment on the current political climate in Scotland. Various authors tackle different aspects of society coming to the same conclusion.

Inside the Ira
Andrew Sanders
On the 40th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, discover why, and how, the IRA splintered from one organisation into several factions.


Sgeulachd Cailleach nan Gràineag
Beatrix Potter
GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £5.99 HB 9781907676079
Scottish Gaelic translation of The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle. As a child Beatrix Potter had known an old country washerwoman called Kitty MacDonald, the inspiration for the twinkly-eyed washerwoman who does Peter Rabbit’s laundry.

A Gaelic Alphabet – a Guide to the Pronunciation of Gaelic Letters and Words
George McLennan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134334
Like its companion volume Scots Gaelic, an introduction to the basics, this handy book is of great help to learners and speakers.

Scots Gaelic – an Introduction to the Basics
George McLennan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781902831886
A new reprint of the successful Gaelic primer.

Slogans Galore – Gaelic Words in English
George McLennan
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134488
A reference guide to Gaelic-derived words in common use.

Luath Scots Language Learner
L. Colin Wilson
LUATH PRESS LTD £16.99 PB 9781906307431
The first-ever language course on Scots, this book starts from the most basic vocabulary and constructions, the reader is guided step-by-step through Scots vocabulary and the subtleties of grammar and idiom that distinguish Scots from English.


The Sprouters Handbook
Edward Cairney
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £4.99 PB 9781906134754
New editions of bestselling and on formative guide to sprouting seeds. David Bellamy: ‘A must for every kitchen and a bonus for all who crave a healthy diet.’



‘Tis Sixty Years Since: The First People’s Festival Ceilidh and the Scottish Folk Revival.
Eberhard Bort (Ed)
GRACE NOTE PUBLICATIONS £9.95 PB 9781907676109
Commemorating the 1951 Edinburgh People’s Festival Ceilidh (inspiring the Edinburgh Festival Fringe) this collection reflects on Hamish Henderson’s influence on Scotland’s Folk Revival.

Waverley Route – the life, death and rebirth of the Borders railway
David Spaven
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £14.99 PB 9781906134990
£20.00 HB 9781908931009
Tells the story of Britain’s railways in the 1960s and the opportunities in devolved Scotland to revive the trains in the Borders. Lavishly illustrated.

Scotland the Brief a short history of a nation
Christopher Harvie
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £5.99 PB 9781906134617
A beginner’s guide from prehistory to the new Scottish Parliament.

Edinburgh’s Colonies – Housing the Workers
Richard Rodger
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £11.99 PB 9781906134785
A well-illustrated narrative of the distinctive and charming ‘Colonies’ housing of Edinburgh. Of interest to Edinburgh citizens but also to students of social and housing history.

The Pagan Symbols of the Picts
Stuart McHardy
LUATH PRESS LTD £16.99 HB 9781908373144
A cohesive interpretation of the Pictish past, Stuart McHardy paints a vivid
and diverse picture of Pictish Scotland, examining the temporal and geographic, the cultural and mythical, the artistic and oral.

Women of Moray
Susan Bennett, Mary Byatt, Jenny Main, Anne Oliver and Janet Trythall (eds.)
LUATH PRESS LTD £16.99 PB 9781908373168
This book captures the tales of over 70 women whose lives have made an impact on history both in Scotland and abroad. For the historian, the genealogist and the general reader, this is a book that will change your view of history.

Hebridean Sharker
Tex Geddes
BIRLINN £9.99 PB 9781780270340
In Hebridean Sharker Tex Geddes describes his exploits during the 1950s as a hunter of basking sharks in the waters of the Minch, between the Inner and Outer Hebrides. His story is full of adventures and fantastic descriptions of a seagoing life in the islands. It has become a Hebridean classic.

Set On a Hill – A Strategic View over Scottish History
Robin Bell
BIRLINN £14.99 PB 9781841589947
Set on a Hill is an engrossing and entertaining book which looks at the broad sweep of Scotland’s history from the perspective of just one small Scottish town – Auchterarde – an area that has been of surprising strategic historical importance for thousands of years.

Clan Gregor
Forbes Macgregor
STEVE SAVAGE PUBLISHERS £7.50 PB 9781904246374
New edition of Forbes Macgregor’s lively history of Clan Gregor, which goes back to the dawn of history before dealing with historic events including the ‘proscription’ of the clan and the banning of the MacGregor surname. The story of Rob Roy is joined by the clan’s contributions in more recent times.

Lewis – A History of the Island
Donald Macdonald
STEVE SAVAGE PUBLISHERS £12.50 PB 9781904246084
Reprint of ground-breaking history of Lewis. Over the centuries, Lewis saw a succession of powerful landlords come and go. This book recounts the long-fought struggle over the land, and describes the islanders’ way of life. In writing it, Donald Macdonald combined original research with a deep personal knowledge of the subject.


Scottish and International Modernisms: Relationships and Reconfigurations
Emma Dymock & Margery Palmer McCulloch (eds)
ASLS £9.95 PB 9781906841072
This collection of essays, from fourteen scholars, illustrates the strongly international and modernist dimension of Scotland’s interwar revival, and illuminates the relationships between Scottish and non-Scottish writers and contexts. It also includes two chapters on the contribution made to this revival by Scottish visual art and music.

Scotland in Definition – A History of Scottish Dictionaries
Iseabail Macleod and J. Derrick McClure (eds)
JOHN DONALD £25.00 PB 9781906566494
This book gives an account of Scots and Gaelic dictionaries and glossaries, and also of the contribution by many Scots to the lexicography of English, from medieval times to the major electronic projects of the twenty-first century.


Back From The Brink
Jamie Webster
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £9.99 PB 9780851748085
The fight to stop the closure of the Kvaerner Govan shipyard in Glasgow was the most high profile industrial campaign in Scotland since the UCS sit-in in the 1970’s. This is the inside story of that struggle, told in his own words by campaign leader, Govan’s yard convenor Jamie Webster.

Glenlee – The Life and Times of a Clyde Built Cape Horner
Colin Castle & Ian MacDonald
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £20.00 HB 9780851745091
In the 10-year period beginning in 1882, 271 barques and full-riggers were built on the Clyde during which time the yards of Russell, Stephen, Connell, Lithgow and Rodger established a worldwide reputation for the construction of large sailing ships of outstanding design, quality and durability. Three-masted barque Glenlee was one such vessel. This is her fascinating story.

Bill Cumming
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £55.00 HB 9781849270137
Based on real people and events this is a gripping factual account of the background events and repercussions of the milestone launch of the world’s first 4-masted iron merchant ship in 1875. The phenomenal success of this large square rigged sailing-ship, named County of Peebles, prompted R & J Craig of Glasgow to launch a further eleven fabulous jute clippers.

Half of Glasgow’s Gone
Michael Dick
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £9.95 PB 9780851745091
Glasgow, until recently, was a major European port and this publication describes its heyday, decline, neglect and subsequent redevelopment. Glasgow’s Harbour’s significant contribution to the 1939-45 war effort is also covered in some detail. The book records an important part of Glasgow’s heritage and a similar pattern of change, redevelopment and regeneration can be seen in other British ports whose roots lay in the 19th century.

Truly Clyde Built
William Kane
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £60.00 HB 9781849270144
Scott’s of Greenock grew from a small family business building and repairing Herring Busses in 1711 to leading the world in both merchant and naval shipbuilding to the highest standards. The gates closed permanently in 1993 thus ending a great relationship between the people of Greenock and the Scott Family Enterprise. DVD with 2GB of documents, tables and photographs included.

Keepers of The Light
Malcolm MacPherson
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £10.00 HB 9781849270113
There are well over 200 lighthouses positioned around Scotland’s breathtaking and energetic coastline. The author has captured 33 of these dramatic Scottish lighthouses in watercolour for this first volume of his original paintings. Each painting is accompanied by a brief description of the lighthouse giving details of location, dimensions, history, and technical information.

At The Sharp End
George H Parker
BROWN, SON & FERGUSON £19.95 HB 9780851746104
Provides an insight into the building and repairing of ships, on the Tay, on the Clyde, on the three rivers of the northeast of England, shipbuilding labour relations, and reasons for the decline of the industry. The late George Parker, the third generation of his family to build ships, writes about shipbuilding from the “inside”.

Last Dawn – the Royal Oak tragedy at Scapa Flow
David Turner
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £7.99 PB 9781906134761
A new (3rd) edition of the WWII story of the Royal Oak. Already the subject of a TV documentary, Last Dawn in now a text for the study of WW2 in schools.


The Clydesdale – Workhorse of the World Mary Bromilow
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £20 HB 9781906134655
A lovingly compiled story of this unsung Scottish export, the magnificent Clydesdale horse. Lovely photos, beautiful book.

A Lone Furrow – The Continued Fight Against Wildlife Crime
Alan Stewart
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134792
Britain’s foremost investigator of wildlife crime returns to the many crime scenes that still cover the countryside. First hand accounts of fascinating police investigations. Scottish Field: ‘Britain’s foremost wildlife detective.’


Barca – The Making of the Greatest Team in the World
Graham Hunter
BACKPAGE PRESS £12.99 PB 9780956497123
Barcelona are the greatest football team in the world, the greatest for a generation and possibly the greatest of all time. This is the untold inside story of how the best and most loved football team in the world came to redefine how the game
is played.

Singin I’m no a Billy he’s a Tim
Des Dillon
LUATH PRESS LTD £7.99 PB 9781908373052
Drama. What happens if you lock up a Celtic fan with a Rangers fan on the day of the Old Firm Match? Des Dillon creates the situation and lets the sparks fly as Billy and Tim clash in a rage of sectarianism and deep-seated hatred.

The Road to Lisbon
Martin Greig and Charles McGarry BIRLINN £7.99 PB 9781780270845
Fiction. The Road to Lisbon is a novel of hopes and dreams, of self-discovery and triumph over adversity – and of an unerring love with an institution that represents so much more than just a football club. Also available as an eBook.


Cycling around Scotland
Nick Fairweather
ARGYLL PUBLISHING £9.99 PB 9781906134570
Light-hearted and informative travel writing at its best. All on a bike, on his own.

Baffies’ Easy Munro Guide
Ralph Storer
LUATH PRESS LTD £7.99 PB 9781908373083
Meet Baffies – the Entertainments Convenor of the Go-Take-A-Hike Mountaineering Club. He’s allergic to exertion, blisters easily and bleeds readily. Show him a mountain and he’ll find the easiest way up it. You’ll find no simpler way to climb Munros than to follow in his footsteps.


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