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Volume 1 – Issue 1 – Contents

October 28, 2009 | by SRB

DUNCAN THOMSON – The Skating Minister: The true story behind the nation’s most famous painting

TODD MCEWEN – Diary: At the alternative opening of Holyrood

ALASTAIR REID – Letter from Elsewhere

JENNIE ERDAL – Publish and Be Charmed

ROSEMARY GORING – Hyperventilating with Self-congratulation: The State of Scottish Fiction

JENNIE RENTON – Nerve Centre: An Interview with Anne McLeod

EDWIN MORGAN – Tales from Baron Munchausen: Six Poems

IAN BELL – A Long Walk with Kenneth White

COLIN WATERS – Gallimaufry

LINDSEY FRASER – Daring to Be Adult


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Publish and be charmed

by Jennie Erdal

Letter from elsewhere

by Alasdair Reid

SRB Diary: Boredom

by Todd McEwen

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